Zapier Integration 2.0 Connects Scheduling With 2,000+ Apps

Over a year ago rolled out a powerful Zapier 1.0 integration to allow our users to send meeting scheduling data to over 2,000 different apps and systems. Since that time we’ve added dozens and dozens and dozens of new features. Today we’re updating our Zapier integration by adding new data and dimensions to our already powerful integration. Need to update a candidate in Greenhouse when a meeting is scheduled? Done! Want to send yourself a text message when a meeting is rescheduled? Easy! Want to trigger a Freshbooks invoice to be sent out to a client when a meeting is scheduled? Bazinga!

What is Zapier? Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work. Without a single line of code, Zapier enables you to connect the apps you use all the time (like!).

Capture Custom Fields and Send Them Anywhere

By far the biggest upgrade to the Zapier integration is the inclusion of the custom fields you can now add to your Calendar Pages. Now when you ask questions of your meeting guests you can record their responses and send them along to your other apps. Perhaps you want to add a note to yourself in Evernote, include extended details about the meeting in Zoho CRM, or add your meeting guests to a Hubspot workflow and update their record with their custom field responses. The possibilities are endless!

Track the Source of Your Meetings

We’ve been building new and awesome ways to schedule meetings, ranging from Calendar Pages to our Scheduling AI to the Meeting Creator. Now with each meeting scheduled we’ll include information about the Calendar Page where your guest scheduled the meeting or other information about the source of the meeting.

Receive Formatted Guest Information

When you schedule a multi-participant meeting over email or via the Meeting Creator, you will now get neatly structured information about your guests. For those of you who want the geeky details, we’ve nested each guest within a JSON object and broken their information out into discrete fields.

Get a Complete Picture of Meetings for Your Team

In addition to understanding which of your personal Calendar Pages yielded a meeting, we are now also sending all of the meetings scheduled through your Round Robin calendar pages to team admins – this is huge and makes this a must-have tool for any Director or VP running a team where meetings is part of the job. This means that when a meeting is scheduled with a particular team member, both that team member and the administrators on the team account will receive notification through Zapier. Keep Salesforce up to date with a single zap and get the full picture of the meeting scheduling activity on your team.

Directly Reference the Meeting on Your Calendar

My fellow #NoCode enthusiasts will understand the pain of having to search a calendar to find a scheduled meeting. Well no more! Now we are sending the ID of the event on your calendar so you can make modifications as you see fit. Add notes, update the location, or just send it to your CRM.

Quickly Access Your Meeting on

Finally, when we send information into your Zap, we’ll include a URL where you can reschedule your meeting, allowing you quick access to your account to manage the meeting.

Get Started With Zapier

You can dive right in and start creating automated workflows built around your scheduling activity by grabbing your API key from the Zapier page on your account (it is a paid feature, FYI, but plans start at $8!) and using it to connect your Zapier account. If you need help, you can check out our Zapier help article or you can watch a webinar that we recorded:

Have an Idea for a Zap?

Let us know! We’re planning a whole bunch of new content based on our Zapier integration and would love to see how our customers are hacking away with it. Perhaps we’ll feature your zap in a future blog post or add it to the Zap Templates on the and Zapier page!

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