x.ai Pros And How They Do It: Ben Paul of Edmodo

Ben PaulName: Ben Paul
Title: Product Analyst
Company: Edmodo
Location: San Mateo, CA
Twitter handle: @benspaul
x.ai boss since: July 6, 2015
Describe yourself in one word: Quirky
Tell us one fun fact about you!
I wanted to learn how to play a Brazilian instrument called the cavaquinho but there are very few people who speak English who teach it. So, I learned Portuguese in order to learn the instrument, and I ended up going to Brazil and playing it there.
What do you enjoy most about your job? Best part?
Being able to influence product decisions with data.
Worst part?
Being at a startup can be a rollercoaster of emotions.
What type of meetings are you having? How many?
Recently it’s been mostly trying to hire a Data Analyst and scheduling phone screens with candidates. I’ve done around 22 of them in the last month or so. We ended up with an excellent hire, Jingwen He! Before that, it was scheduling calls with vendors for analytics tools, and I talked to 15 of them. I even used Amy to schedule a first date once (I don’t recommend it for that!).
How do you introduce Amy/Andrew to new people?  
I refer to her as “robot scheduler Amy,” when I cc her in my email to a new person.
Any Pro-Tips you’d recommend to Amy’s other bosses?
I don’t usually talk about Amy too much in my introduction because I want people to deal with Amy and not with me when scheduling. I make it clear to my guest that the action is between them and Amy. It helps to embed as many details as possible up front in your instructions to Amy (e.g. who calls who. if it’s a phone call, location, if it’s in-person, duration) so that I don’t have to do anything after the initial email. Here’s an excerpt from an email to a potential data analyst:
Ben Paul email screenshot
What’s your favorite quote?
“In god we trust. All others must bring data.” –W. Edwards Deming
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