x.ai is being acquired by Bizzabo

We founded x.ai seven years ago with the goal of making it easier to schedule meetings. It’s a problem we’ve all experienced: endless emails, last-minute reschedules. Our solution is an easy-to-use tool powered by an AI scheduling engine that compares preferences and availability to find a time to meet — instantly.

Today, x.ai is an essential tool for individuals and teams across industries in more than 200 countries. We had our best year ever in 2020, adding 363% more users with 182% more meetings scheduled. 2021 has continued the trend with a near-doubling of Monthly Recurring Revenue. We’re so proud of the business we’ve built and we’re thrilled to share details on our next chapter:

x.ai is being acquired by Bizzabo, the industry-leading platform for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

Over the coming months and years, we’ll be working with the Bizzabo team to build the future of events. We’ll be leveraging the x.ai scheduling engine to make it easier for event participants to make meaningful connections — powering both the discovery of who should meet as well as when and how.

We’ve seen many x.ai customers organically leverage our scheduling capabilities to extend the impact of their virtual and hybrid events in the last 18 months. By joining forces with Bizzabo, we’re able to expand beyond business meetings and put the scheduling engine in the hands of even more people.

What does this mean for x.ai as a standalone scheduling tool?

There will be no changes or interruptions to the x.ai service you use today. The x.ai team will continue to support and assist our users, as we always have. You will continue to be able to schedule unlimited meetings with unlimited meeting templates. We are, by design, starting to explore how we best fit into the Bizzabo platform and will keep you posted as we come to conclusions. (Have more questions? We thought you might, so we put together a Q&A with more specifics.)

As my fellow entrepreneurs know all too well, the startup life is ruthless. Almost every startup fails, no matter how great the product. We’ve never taken x.ai’s success for granted and I’m endlessly grateful for our brilliant team and our incredible customers. Many of you have been with us since the very beginning and we’re so proud to share this milestone with you.

Here’s the official announcement from Bizzabo. As always, you can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn to share a virtual high five or any commentary.

/d. 🙂