x.ai Browser shortcuts: schedule.new and time.new

From the Department of Why Didn’t I Think Of That comes a clever way to create online content. Google announced a new (heh) type of domain name at whats.new. The idea is to create shortcuts for content creation or creating other online objects quickly. Here at x.ai, we jumped at the chance to add a new (heh) way to schedule meetings, as speed and efficiency is what we’re all about.

Start scheduling a meeting by typing schedule.new into your browser. Want to create a One-Time scheduling link? Type time.new to save yourself a click and a couple of keystrokes (every nanosecond counts!). You’ll go directly to our Meeting Create Tool.

Check out some of the other companies who care enough about you to try to make your life a few taps easier:

And of course, because Google created the .new domain, there are a number of Google services quickly accessible through these domain names.

  • meet.new – Create a new Google Meet meeting
  • doc.new – Make a new Google Doc
  • slides.new – Open a blank Google Slides presentation
  • sheet.new – Open a new Google Sheets workbook
  • meeting.new – New Calendar event (OK, we’re a little jealous)

There’s a whole bunch more listed on whats.new‘s site and plenty that are not listed on the site, such as post.new for WordPress and reservation.new for OpenTable. Find a cool one? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list!