x.ai Adds 24-Hour Clock Support

We’re thrilled to announce support for both AM/PM times and the international standard 24-hour clock across the x.ai scheduling tool.

All x.ai users can now set a preferred time format as 12 hours or 24 hours, which will apply to how we display times across the tool.

When you turn on 24-hour times, they'll be displayed throughout x.ai.
24-hour times, as seen on my.x.ai

This has been a much-anticipated change for our users in various countries and professions that use the 24-hour clock. While the end result is a simple either-or choice, our engineers updated and changed 1,789 lines of code in 135 distinct source files to make this happen! (You can probably imagine the amount of testing that comes attached to an update like this!)

Your Daily Meeting Prep email will use 24-hour times
The Daily Meeting Prep email

Global Support Across Industries

The 24-hour clock is the standard in most countries across the world. Americans often refer to the 24-hour clock as military time, but it is used across many other industries, including computer science, medicine, public safety, and transportation.

It is also frequently used in global companies as an inclusive measure that reduces confusion. A meeting set for 0900 hrs is very different from one being held at 2100 hrs!

Eliminate Confusion for Everyone

x.ai works for you when it works for your guests. Other calendar tools force people into default settings based on their location. x.ai eliminates this confusion in several ways.

Choose between 12 hour and 24 hour as your preferred time format

To start, x.ai applies your preferred time format to everyone you meet with. If you’re set to show 24-hour times, your guests will be shown 24-hour times, too.

x.ai will apply your preferred time format to everyone you meet with
x.ai will apply your preferred time format to the time options sent to guests.

In addition, x.ai will automatically detect your guests’ timezones to show them localized options. Your guests can easily choose a different timezone and they can toggle between AM/PM and 24-hour times on any time selector.

Guests can easily choose a different timezone and time format.
Your guests can change their timezone and time format on any time selector when booking a meeting.

Best of all: x.ai will remember your guests’ time format preferences and show that the next time they’re booking a new meeting or rescheduling an existing one.

Pro Tip: Are there people you meet with regularly? Invite them to join your x.ai network to make it easier and faster to schedule meetings with them. 

The tool also recognizes when x.ai users are booking time with other x.ai users and automatically displays everyone’s preferred time format

x.ai will use everyone's preferred time format.
Each x.ai user will see meetings in their preferred time format.

More Ways to Localize

x.ai schedules meetings for people all over the world, and while the tool is developed in English today, there are many places where you can further localize the experience for your guests. We wrote up 9 tips to help you get started, and we’d love to hear what you think.