What’s new for spring at x.ai

March 2nd, 2018

x.ai has new features sprouting up all over the place as we start to thaw out from the endless, grey New York City winters, and we can’t wait to share.

We know you want to be able to change your meetings from whatever browser window, calendar app, or flip phone you happen to be working on. So to save your clicks, we’ve added a bunch of new controls to my.x.ai to let you change meeting details directly from wherever you are.

We also took steps to minimize back-and-forth over meeting locations—you’ll get the hold on your calendar right away, but you can figure out where to meet up later down the line.

We love these updates, but there’s another major addition: Amy + Andrew now work alongside you in Slack! Get started here—we promise it’s the most fun you can have scheduling a meeting 🙂

Make your guests mandatory, optional, or remove them completely

You can now remove a participant, or make them optional or mandatory, right from my.x.ai.

While you can always do this by writing Amy + Andrew (“Hey Andrew, Yuliya doesn’t need to be in this one”), we wanted to make it accessible if you happen to be in my.x.ai already.

After a change, your guests won’t receive an update from us (no extra emails here), but you’ll get an email notification that your update succeeded.

To change a guest’s status:

  1. Log in to my.x.ai and go to your Meeting History.
  2. Click on the meeting you want to change details for .
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the participant you want to remove or make optional/mandatory.
  4. To make them optional (or required), simply toggle off (or on) “Required in this meeting”.

Or to remove them from the meeting, simply click 1) “remove guest” and then 2) “confirm”. Your guests won’t receive any notification that they were taken off the meeting.

Designate a coordinator from my.x.ai

You can now set and change meeting coordinators directly from my.x.ai! Maybe one of your guests Anthony is scheduling that sales call with you for him and his coworker Sam—Anthony is coordinating on Sam’s behalf. Anytime someone is sharing availability to Amy + Andrew for someone else, just let Amy + Andrew know and they’ll make sure to only correspond with that person.

Again, while the usual email to Andrew still works just fine (aka “Andrew, Anthony is coordinating for Sam”), we wanted to give you the extra option to make changes if you’re already checking out a meeting at my.x.ai.

To set a coordinator:

  1. Log in to my.x.ai and go to your Meeting History.
  2. Click on the meeting you want to change.
  3. Click the pencil icon next to the participant you want to set as a coordinator.
  4. Then, toggle “Coordinating in this meeting” and check the box next to the name of the person on behalf of whom they’ll schedule the meeting.

We’ll send an email to confirm changes in coordinator to anyone who no longer is scheduling for themself. 

Meeting locations are optional

We heard you! As many of our customers requested, Amy + Andrew will now send a calendar invite once participants agree on a time, instead of waiting for location information.

You’ll get the slot on your calendar locked down ASAP, and Amy + Andrew will of course follow up without fail with whoever is responsible for choosing a location (could be guest or host) to finalize a location ahead of the meeting itself.

Have an update you’re dying to see? Drop us a line and let us know what we should build next 🙂