Ways to optimize Airtable as a Meeting Management Dashboard

This is the third post in a series of posts explaining how to upgrade your basic Google calendar. To do this, we’re connecting x.ai to Airtable in order to make a powerful meeting management dashboard.

What is Airtable?

In the first post of this series I explain what Airtable is. In the last post, I shared how to connect Airtable to X.ai using Zapier and track new meetings. Now that you’re no longer a beginner, it’s time to add additional zaps to make your Meeting Dashboard more robust and functional. It wouldn’t help you very much to have an inaccurate list of meetings. So for this part, we’ll record a change in status and add a note to a record whenever a meeting is cancelled.

What do you need?

You’ll need

  • An Airtable Account (There’s a free tier 😉)
  • 15 minutes

Creating A Dashboard In Airtable

The Steps

  1. Create a new zap with the “Existing Meeting Cancelled” Trigger
  2. Add a Search Action to your Zap
  3. Update Airtable when a meeting is cancelled

If you’re following along from part two, you have already connected Airtable and x.ai to Zapier. Now we’ll create a new scenario. There are three additional triggers for the x.ai Zapier integration. You can use these triggers to add updates to your Airtable base as needed.

Select “Existing Meeting Cancelled” as your Trigger and test it to retreive some data.

Then test your zap…

Once that is setup, we can move on to the last step: updating your record.
We’ll need to add another Action. This time, selecting the “Update Record” Action Event. In order to tell Zapier to use the recordID that it found in the previous action, you’ll want to click on the “Custom” tab and then navigate to the information from step 2. Make sure to select ID.

This is where things get fun. What we want is to tell Zapier to find an existing record in Airtable and update it to tell people that the meeting has been cancelled. This requires the “Find Record” action.
x.ai allows you to manage the details of your meetings from a simple and clear interface, and let robots do all of the hard work of syncing up your calendars with your guests. This means that Amy, Andrew, or Scheduler (you can choose how you refer to your assistant) can also handle changes in invitees, times, and meeting names.
Since all of this is true, these are probably not the best fields to use to help Zapier figure out what meeting to update. Luckily, we’ve included the x.ai meeting ID in our Airtable! Let’s tell Zapier to match the test data to the x.ai ID field.

I recommend telling Airtable to create a new field if one cannot be found as a best practice. This makes sure that you’ll capture older meetings that existed before you setup these zaps. Fill in all of the values as if you were creating a new record for the first time.

Finally, determine what you would like to change in Airtable every time a meeting is cancelled.
For this example, we’ll change the Meeting State field and add a note to the Notes field.
I’m using one of Zapier’s universal variables here. This is the text I’m adding to the Notes rich text field:

This meeting was cancelled on {{zap_meta_human_now}}

And this is what the result looks like in Airtable:

Isn’t it pretty? 🎇

If you’re excited about the opportunity to combine the power of x.ai with Airtable to further Automate your life or business, consider these additional ways to supercharge your Airtable Meeting Dashboard

  • Add a contacts table and use zapier to track all your meeting contacts. Then link the records! (This guarantees an up-to-date contacts book and creates a comprehensive glance at your interactions with a contact.)
  • Add blocks to calculate data like, how many meetings of each type per week

You can also finesse your Airtable base too! One of my favorite ways to do this is to use formulas to create “pretty” or readable fields based upon automatically inserted data:

  • an emoji for each meeting type or the google calendar involved
  • extract the meeting type from the meeting title
  • “tag” your calendar events in Airtable

Enoma is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who loves to empower makers and creators to do good, and do it well. She runs Stackrie, an automation consulting firm helping small teams with big goals get stuff done—with less manual effort.