Warming Leads & Closing Sales with AI: Q&A

We hosted our second webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 17, Warming Leads & Closing Sales with AI, where Dennis Mortensen was joined by Drift Director of Marketing, David Gerhardt for a lively discussion on how to use AI tools to better qualify, capture, and engage with leads.

Here are select questions we didn’t get to during the webinar and couldn’t help but answer!

Nicholas D.W: Would it be more effective to commit to one or the other realm of identity management – either make it really clear that we are using an AI tool, or fully humanize the interaction façade? If the sales team is managing prospect or customer confusion, they are not being efficiently freed to increase sales.

Hi Nicholas: That is a great question! We leave it up to the individual (or company) to decide the level at which they want to involve Amy and Andrew.

Sometimes simply “framing” a conversation with your guest is all you need. For instance, quickly dropping the humble brag about your AI friend – “Hey Courtland, I’d love to get coffee with you. Looping in my AI assistant to find us a time” – can sometimes go a long way to set your guest up to succeed with Amy and Andrew.

We’re also conscious of company branding, and created the Team and Enterprise Plans to support those who would prefer to have Amy and Andrew on their website domain so that Amy can feel more like part of the team.


Kathryn F: Does the bot take into consideration travel time from each call? 

Matt B: Is there a way for Amy to consider things like distance between sales appointments/meetings? If I am traveling (e.g. in San Diego for a week) and scheduling meetings in San Diego does she understand that my San Diego appointments need to be scheduled only during that week? 

Hi Kathryn and Matt: We are hard at work on location understanding, and you should certainly expect Amy to get more sophisticated about this! In the future, Amy and Andrew will be able to calculate the distances and apply proper travel time between events when meetings have a valid address included.

They aren’t quite there yet, but this doesn’t mean they’re not able to accommodate! All you have to do is cue Amy and Andrew in on how much commute time you need, e.g.

  • “Amy, schedule this for 2pm on Thursday. Please make sure not to schedule anything 1 hour before and after.”
  • “Andrew, I’ll need 30 minutes to get to Sam’s office.”

You can also set a default breather time for all in-person meetings so they will leave you a specified amount of breathing room before and after any in-person event they schedule! You can add this on my.x.ai under “Preferences” and “Scheduling Hours.”


Gary S: Do you have any clients using AI to sell residential real estate? 

Hi Gary: Funny story – I asked Amy to schedule a coffee meeting with my real estate broker’s assistant last week. Once the broker saw the speed at which I was able to get something on the calendar for me and his assistant, he signed up for the Individual Plan the next day. I can only imagine how many meetings he has now!

The long and short of it: Amy and Andrew can be used for any meeting-heavy industry.  For more information, read how one of our Enterprise Sales Managers, Ally, customized her AI assistant to increase her sales productivity.


“Stefan from Munich”: How can I use Amy if I am going to sell a service (e.g. consulting) and not a product?

Hi Stefan from Munich 😉 – similar to above (the real estate question) – Amy and Andrew have experience in a wide range of industries, but especially within the service sector. I don’t know your business more than you, but I suspect your customers need a lot of engagement and meetings before they feel confident in purchasing – and probably even more after! 

Amy and Andrew are great for helping you sell because they offer an additional touchpoint that feels genuine and personalized for all of the people you schedule meetings with. They are dutiful about pinning down a time and day in as few emails as possible and even send a gentle reminder the week of the meeting if they scheduled it a few weeks back.


Greg R: I am a big fan of Amy and her AI brother Andrew, and use them.  If someone ignores the 3 attempts to schedule a meeting they hinted there was some interest in scheduling, what do you recommend? Should the human jump in – or should you send Amy in to do the job again? 

Paul S: Amy and Andrew look awesome. Can I trust appointments not be be dropped by Amy? Is there a period of cross over? 

Hi Greg and Paul: Amy and Andrew’s follow up frequency to your guests is dependent on when they think the meeting needs to be, so they will follow up more often if they are trying to find time within the next couple of days than for a meeting a few weeks out.

By default, Amy and Andrew will usually aim to find a time 2 or 3 days out from the meeting request, although this can vary depending on how much availability is on your calendar. They can speed up or slow down this timeline if you let them know more specifics in the meeting request. This is one way to make sure they don’t follow up too quickly for a meeting that doesn’t need to be scheduled right away:

  • “Andrew, schedule a call 2 weeks from now.”
  • “Amy, find a time next month for us to meet in the office”

They will send 2 reminders after their first email to your guest, and if they don’t hear back after the 2nd reminder, they’ll surrender on taking further actions and give you a detailed status update on the attempts. You can always tell Amy and Andrew to reach out to your guest and try again.


Walter R: How would you all compare the approach x.ai takes to scheduling meetings relative to the ChiliPipers and Calendly’s of the world?

Hi Walter: We’re obviously super biased but here are some of the biggest reasons why many of our customers today have ditched static scheduling links to use x.ai:

1. The burden of scheduling and follow ups: With static links, you put the scheduling burden on your client. It is then up to you to remember to follow up with that client and make sure that they actually select a time. With x.ai, Amy owns the scheduling process from start to finish.

2. Setting up flexible preferences: Static links require that you create very specific meeting types that are pre-programmed i.e. 30 minute conference calls. x.ai gives you the flexibility to override your default scheduling preferences on a meeting by meeting basis just by giving the assistant additional instructions in natural language i.e. “Amy can you please set up a meeting at Jennifer’s office sometime after July 4th for a couple of hours?”

3. Reschedules & making changes to a meeting: If you need to reschedule with a static link, you need to cancel the invite, resend the meeting link, and hope that your client chooses another time (putting the scheduling burden back on them again). With x.ai, all you have to do is shoot Amy a note and she will make any changes that you need to the meeting invite and coordinate with your guests on new times that work best for them

4. Personal touch: We constantly hear from our customers that their meeting guests enjoy the personal touch that x.ai provides (like a human assistant) compared to just being sent a static link to click that they then have the burden of clicking through.


Carlos A: Do you have to CC Amy or Andrew or can you email them directly and have them set up a meeting with someone? 

Hi Carlos: Yes, you can also shoot Amy and Andrew a direct email to start a meeting, just give them the name and email address of your guest and they’ll get to work!


Arie S: What about using a ticketing-system like Desk.com with Amy Ingram. I’ve been using it for some time, but she seems to get weird when I CC her from the Desk.com interface — replying to a customer. Can she integrate with Salesforce or Desk?

Ralph O: Any estimate when you will be able to work with Apple’s Calendar?

Hi Arie and Ralph! Thanks for tuning into the webinar. We do hope to integrate with these services in the future, but currently – Amy and Andrew are not able to connect with them.


Keith S: Will Amy handle not just sales meetings, but can it also handle other different types of meetings at the same time? Like, manager meetings, exec group meetings, developer meetings, etc, when you have a lot of different types of meetings you need to set up.

Hi Keith: That’s one of my favorite parts of Amy and Andrew – they handle all of my meetings. And if you ask our CEO Dennis, he’ll tell you Amy takes care of every scheduled interaction he has, including even Date Night and Parent Teacher Conferences. Amy and Andrew have no limits to the types of meetings they set up.


Print For Orgs: Is there a video that shows how to use Amy. I have tried it and it’s kind of confusing. Also, is this good for a one person company?

That’s so interesting you ask! We built Amy + Andrew to be as easy for both the host and their guests. You just “CC:” amy@x.ai or andrew@x.ai into your email with the guests, and they’ll schedule your meetings while you’re busy getting stuff done.

The Individual Plan is perfect for teams of one. If you schedule at least five meetings a week, you could be wasting 6.1 hours a month doing email pingpong. Offloading tasks to an AI agent like Amy and Andrew helps make for smarter work days. To get your own AI assistant, click here.

As for the demo video, we’re currently in the process of building some demo videos, so stay tuned to our YouTube channel!


Arie S: Does the recipient get freaked out by AI? What can you say about how people react to AI? 

Hi Arie: Great second question.

Quite the contrary! I’ve been using Amy since 2014, and most people always assume she’s a real assistant. Similar to Nicholas’ question above, I think it comes down to the framing: Amy and Andrew are equally impressive whether you introduce them as your AI agent, or just your assistant!

For more (sometimes humorous) cases of how people react to Amy, click here to read x.ai Love Notes from both customers and guests who’ve interacted with Amy and Andrew.


Keith S: Will it automatically add the meeting to your Google Calendar? Can Amy delete or change the time of a meeting automatically in the background when either salesperson has to change date or time or prospect has to move meeting?

Hi Keith: Yes! When a prospect (or any meeting attendee) must either reschedule or cancel a meeting, they email Amy or Andrew to take care of it.

I didn’t realize how effective this can be until I saw Amy handle the entire rescheduling of a meeting without involving me. The end result: 2 less emails in my inbox, 15 extra minutes of productivity, improved guest experience, and better scheduling.


To get your own Amy or Andrew, sign up for yourself, your team, or your company!

If you enjoyed this webinar, stay tuned for our next one on February 22nd.

Missed the webinar? Watch our recording: 

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