Not Everyone Wants to Talk to the Bot


We’ve spent the last 4 years developing the conversational UI of Amy and Andrew so that you can ask them to set up a mee

Many of you know that we’ve spent the last 4 years developing the conversation UI of Amy and Andrew so that you can easily loop them in on your next meeting email.

However, we’ve also been moving away from a single interaction type world (one of conversations over email) to a multichannel world that combines a visual UI with conversations. We want our users to be able to speak to the agent, use a visual UI, respond directly to the agents over email or directly from their calendars.

What we’ve found is that there is tremendous value in a mixed setting where our users can control their meetings whenever and wherever they work. Now when Amy and Andrew sent your guest an email to meet up with you they can not only respond over text but to click a button or select a time directly on your calendar.

This mixed UI setting originally made us uncomfortable as our original vision was a pure conversational UI, but we’ve seen that 32% of all of our meetings are done with the UI assistance.

Knowing that we think we can provide the best of both worlds to streamline your meetings.