Using Amy in Greenhouse for technical recruiting

AI scheduling is a major time-saver for recruiters

As one of the managers on our tech team at, I’m responsible for the entirety of our technical recruiting efforts. Finding the best developers, scheduling calls and technical screens, and working candidates through the pipeline – from unknown candidate to full-blown team member – takes a lot of time and coordination.

However, I also need time to work with my existing team. I use two tools that help me automate the most painful parts of the recruiting process, so I don’t get overwhelmed: Amy (our very own AI scheduling agent) and Greenhouse (our recruiting and applicant tracking system).

Fortunately, I’ve found a way to use them together to maximize my time saved. Here’s how I use them in concert to make my life easier:


Greenhouse allows me to manage all of our job postings and candidates, and design an interview flow specific to each job. Our typical technical interview process includes a resume review, an introductory phone call to get a high-level read on a candidate’s fit for the position, a web-based technical screen, and finally, a series of face-to-face sessions at our office.

I can create email templates in Greenhouse to respond to candidates at any stage of the process. I’m a firm believer that personal attention is important during the recruiting process, but I also acknowledge that recruiting is somewhat of a numbers game. The more high-quality candidates I can get in touch with, the better chances I have of bringing them to our team. The templates are useful to maintain a personal touch, but still automate and speed up the process.

Greenhouse + Amy = Power Up

Greenhouse templates combine personalization with automation. I can add variables so that I speak to candidates using their names. I have also cc’ed Amy on every email template I’ve created for each stage of the recruiting process, and these templates include instructions on how I want that meeting set up: 30 minutes for an intro phone call (Amy asks for their number when she knows it’s a phone call and adds it to the meeting invite for me), and 1 hour via Google Hangouts for the technical screens. Finally, I include a note about using Amy to schedule our meeting so candidates can see our product in action!  That’s a pretty delightful experience for an applicant—personalized, efficient outreach.

For me, it’s magical. Once I read a resume that interests me, I simply click to send the template for that stage of the interview process. That’s the last button I have to click. Amy then takes over, negotiating a time with the candidate that works for both of us, and boom—an invite pops up on my calendar with the candidate’s name, email, and phone number for me to call.

Recruiters, if you’re looking for more tips on how to use Amy in Greenhouse to save you time, let me know!