NEW: Use Your Default Scheduling Hours on Meeting Templates

With, it’s easy to control your calendar so meetings happen when you want them to. One of the core ways you can do this is by setting scheduling hours — these are the days and times when you want to be available for meetings. 

We’re excited to introduce a new, simplified way to apply these default scheduling hours to your personal and team meeting templates automatically.

use your default scheduling hours on any calendar page

When you create a new meeting template or edit an existing template, you can now choose to use your default scheduling hours or to set custom days and times.

If you opt to use your default scheduling hours, will automatically adjust your availability based on any changes you make to your main availability settings.

Now, you can easily manage changes to your availability, across ALL your templates, without having to add fake blocks of time on your calendar.

Volunteering during your lunch hour on Wednesdays for the next month? Covering the morning shift for remote school next week? Update your scheduling defaults to exclude those times and you’re all set. Any existing or new meeting templates that use your defaults will adhere to this!

manage your availability from your default scheduling hours

Pro Tip: Planning to take some time off? You can add in dates that you will be unavailable for meetings under your Scheduling Defaults. You can also customize your holiday settings to avoid scheduling meetings over holidays.

Added Flexibility for Team Scheduling

In addition to using defaults on your individual meeting templates, Teams can use individual team members’ scheduling defaults on their Round Robin templates, too. This allows each person in the rotation to customize their availability, based on their schedule and timezone, as well as daily and weekly changes.

use your default scheduling hours on any of your team's Round Robin calendar pages

We wrote up a separate post with detailed instructions on how to set up a Round Robin Calendar Page to offer as much availability as possible for customers to book time with your team.

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