Use Meeting Templates to Create One-Time Scheduling Links

When you schedule with the Meeting Creator, you have the option to create a One-Time Link to share with guests. One-Time Links are single-use and let you offer customized availability for a specific meeting with any number of guests.

Beginning today, you can now use your Meeting Templates to customize a One-Time Link. We’ve also made several other improvements to One-Time Links, which we detail below.

When to Use a One-Time Link

One-Time Links let you share your availability without sharing your calendar. They are unique scheduling links that can only be used once — they expire once the meeting is scheduled.

your guest selects a time to schedule the meeting

While the guest experience is similar to sending someone a Calendar Page link, One-Time Links give you even more control on the days and times you offer up. They’re a great way to give the guest the ability to select a time, while still protecting your full availability.

How to Use a One-Time Link

You can generate a One-Time Link with the Meeting Creator. First, select from any of your unlimited Personal Meeting Templates or just leave it using your Default Meeting Template settings.

select one of your templates to use for the one-time link meeting can use the template settings to generate available times for this meeting, or you can opt to add specific date & time ranges.

customize your availability for the one-time link meeting

Your template preferences for the meeting details will be automatically filled in, but you can edit them if needed. Then, add the email address for your guest(s), including whether any of them are optional or coordinating for other guests.

add your guests and their email addresses

Editor’s Note: Long-time users may remember the original release of One-Time Links didn’t require you to enter a guest’s email address. We heard from many users who found this confusing, which is why we’ve streamlined it.

When you’re all set, click Create Link. The One-Time Link is copied to your clipboard so you can share with your guests.

share your one-time link with your guests

New: Monitor the Status of One-Time Link Meetings

Even though your One-Time Links are ephemeral, we’ve made several updates to make it easier to manage them.

Pending One-Time Link meetings are now included in your list of meetings, as well as on the homepage when you sign into

monitor the status of your one-time link

This makes it easy to monitor the status of your guest’s response, or even to grab the link again to re-share. You can also make changes to the meeting from here and cancel it, if needed.

Once every guest has selected a time, will schedule the meeting and send out calendar invitations to everyone.

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.