New: Upgrades to Your Calendar Pages

Most companies will tell you they love their customers, but we like to SHOW it. Our team is currently heads-down on a major development sprint, which means we’re focused on quickly developing and iterating on features that make scheduling meetings better and easier. It’s not just our product and engineering teams hacking away, either. Everyone is participating in this sprint, even our CFO!

One of the big areas we’ve been working on is Calendar Pages, and we’re excited to highlight some fresh updates below.

Meeting Templates

You may have already noticed some changes to the design of our Meeting Templates page, which also includes some cool new features.

As a reminder: Every Meeting Template has a unique calendar page URL that you can share with your guests to book time. You can make these templates public or private. If they’re public, they’ll appear on your Calendar Homepage. If they’re private, they’ll only be visible to people who have the URL. You can turn a Meeting Template off at any time by switching the toggle button on the template card.

Meeting Templates help you easily schedule the meetings you do again and again.
Meeting Templates help you easily schedule the meetings you do again and again.

Copy a Meeting Template

Each Meeting Template has its own set of customizations and restrictions, based on how you set it up. Now, it’s easy to carry over those settings into a new Meeting Template.

Let’s say you have a Meeting Template for a 30-minute product demo. As you start to speak with enterprise customers, you realize you need a new template for the same type of meeting, but for 60 minutes. 

Just click the “copy” button and you’ll be brought to a new page where you can write in a new name for the Meeting Template and Calendar Page. You can make any additional changes here, then click “Create.” Boom! Done!

Turn an Ad Hoc Meeting into a Template

It’s easy to CC or into an email to schedule a meeting for you and your guests with specific details — like length of meeting, time of day, and location.

“Amy, please schedule a 1 hour meeting with Liying in the afternoon over Google meet and call it “1:1 Lauren + Liying.”

Now, you can turn that ad hoc meeting into a Meeting Template to make it even easier to schedule more of them in the future!

When you click on a meeting you’ve scheduled, you’ll see all of the details and a new button, “Save as Calendar Page.” When you click that button, you’ll be brought to a new Meeting Template page with the duration and preferences already filled in.

You can edit all of the preferences like you normally would do when setting up a new Meeting Template. Click “Create” and you’ll see the new Meeting Template at the bottom of your list.

Launching Monday: Custom Fields

Finally, we wanted to share a preview of another feature we’ll be launching in the next few days. Many users have asked for the ability to include “custom fields” on their Meeting Templates. These will be optional fields that you can add to the guest confirmation when they book a meeting from your calendar page.

In addition to Name, Email Address, and Phone Number, you’ll now be able to ask your guest to share other details and you can customize this for each Meeting Template. You can add “single” and “multi-line” free form response fields.

For example: If you had a Meeting Template for a product demo, you might want to add fields for Company Size and Budget. On a 1:1 Meeting Template, you might ask your guest to share suggested agenda items ahead of time.

The Sprint Continues

In the coming days and weeks, you can expect to see more changes and improvements on Calendar Pages. Among the biggest: We’re finalizing a completely new look-and-feel to the Calendar Pages themselves. Here’s a sneak peek:

Love it? Room for improvement? Let us know!

Calendar Pages are just one piece of our development sprint and we’re working to improve other parts of the product, too. Have an idea for something we should build or fix? Feel free to email me directly.

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