Three Ways To Find Mutual Availability With

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: Hey, are you available Friday at 11:45, 2, or 4:15 or Monday at 11, 3:30, or 4 or Tuesday at 10 through noon? Cue the tab-hopping back and forth between your calendar and your email, back and forth until you either find a time or you find that none of them work so you volley the same question but different times back to the sender. Repeat ad nauseam.

This is why exists.

We’ve built the most powerful scheduling engine that can identify mutual availability between meeting participants, no matter how many there are! Here’s three ways that we do it.

NEW: Enhanced Mutual Availability on Calendar Pages

Now when you visit the Calendar Pages for another user you will see green dots next to dates and times that work for both of you. We’ve even added your profile picture to make it clear. No more tab hopping, no more calendar checking, it’s all there for you!

What if your guests (*gasp*) do not use No problem, they can connect a calendar without leaving your Calendar Page and see their mutual availability with you. They simply click the “Overlay My Calendar” button, connect, and go!

View Available Times When Rescheduling

Sometimes things come up and you need to move a meeting around on your calendar. When everyone in the meeting is an user, this can be done in an instant! All you need to do is choose a time because will show you the times that work for all of your participants. If one or more meeting guests do not use, no problem, the Scheduling AI will reach out to them with times that work for everyone else.

Let Choose Times For You Instantly

When you use your Meeting Template Scheduling Shortcuts over email or Slack, your meetings can be scheduled instantly! Provided all of your guests have a calendar connected to, the system will check all of their calendars, consider their preferences alongside your Meeting Template settings, and schedule the meeting right away. This also works with our Meeting Creator.

Pro Tip: To display mutual availability and enable instant scheduling with your contacts, invite them to join your Scheduling Network!

What’s Up Next

At we’re always looking for innovative ways to remove scheduling pain from the lives of our users and their guests. We’re always working on new features that help you determine mutual availability in more and more places. Have ideas for our team? Give us a shout on Twitter, we’re listening!

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