The Story of Making Free

As we detail in our previous post about now being free for everyone, we took quite the journey to get to this point. Here is another look at that journey as told by our CEO, Dennis. We released these videos in a series leading up to the launch.

Episode 1: Unit Economics and Go To Market

Offering something for free can only be done if it is cost-effective. Seems obvious enough.


Episode 2: Serving Your Customer’s Customer

Focusing on your customers is, of course, important, but perhaps more so is focusing on the people who interact with your product through your customers.


Episode 3: The Ultimate Meeting Scheduling Experience

The ultimate experience, in our view, is no experience. When meetings just happen automatically, we have done our job.


Episode 4: The Scheduling Network

Not all social networks are for entertainment, many have utility and are purpose-built to accomplish a task.


Episode 5: The Culmination of Efforts – Free Product

By lowering costs per user and increasing the utility of our system via network effects, we are able to offer for free!