The Recruiter’s Technology Stack: AI, Sourcing, and Scheduling Software for Recruiters

Mike “Batman” Cohen is the founder of Wayne Technologies (no relation, I’m sure) and is a technologist, recruiter, trainer, and a keynote speaker at numerous sourcing industry conferences. His company specializes in custom recruitment solutions with an emphasis on simplification, automation, and scalability. Mike also does Recruiter Training and Contract Sourcing: deliverables-based, 100% transparent, and using all of these tools.

Between fighting crime, training recruiters, and commissioning new weaponry that bends the laws of physics and credulity, he has used, recommended, and helped build quite a few recruiting tools. We asked him about them, and here’s his list of the top tools.

In the recruiting industry, as in many others, time is money. Working as efficiently as possible is critically important when you are balancing multiple searches, candidates, and internal operations. There are tons of tools out there designed to help you work smarter, but unless they are actually saving you time then they are getting in your way. 

Here are my favorite tools for building a recruiting technology stack that works for you, not against you:

AI Sourcing:

SeekOut: AI Robot and search tools that can uncover good tech hires using Github search.

Hiretual: Search, engagement, and relationship management powered by AI.

humanpredictions Profile aggregator with a focus on the tech industry. Linkedin, GitHub, Twitter and more all in one place! Using ML and AI they make predictions on how likely someone is to make a move from their current role, allowing recruiters to focus on relationship building, not list building.

AmazingHiring Specialized in IT and technology recruiting, this platform includes messaging and AI-powered sourcing.

HiringSolved: AI matching and integrations galore.

ENGAGE Talent: Focused on the most competitive markets, ENGAGE helps uncover passive candidates and retain existing talent.

Calendar Automation: Same cost as other solutions. but has an AI assistant included and are constantly improving and adding features. They provide automated meeting scheduling and AI follow up to ensure meetings happen. Fire-and-forget call scheduling.

Chatbots: One of the best chatbots on the market in my opinion – most reasonably priced and the team/customer support is amazing – super versatile.

Email Automation:

Interseller: Has incredible personal email finding, integration with LinkedIn, and integration with most ATSs. Another great email automation tool that also has built-in CRM components and an amazing growth trajectory!

Contact Info Finding:

JobJet: Definitely in the top 3 for results.

Nymeria: Absolute no-brainer when you look at cost & quality

TheReach: Good at finding professional emails.

Swordfish: Among the top 3 for results.

SingalHire: Seems to have unique sources for finding emails and really good tool for finding phone numbers.  Added bonus – GREAT social media finding!

Kendo:  Another no-brainer when you look at cost and quality of email lookups

In addition, all of the AI Sourcing Platforms have an email finder.

Web Scraping

for Google/Facebook/conference/etc. sourcing

ZapInfo: Also pulls folks from LinkedIn in bulk, builds boolean search strings, validates email, and more.  Their enhancement and general automation makes this a must-have tool.

Behavioural Analytics:

Humantic: Top of funnel – the cool orange chrome extension that pulls behavior / comm / motivation info from the internet

Humantelligence The 10-12 minute test you have your hiring team take, and then all candidates being submitted to gauge and compare team fit


Crelate The most customizable, affordable, and customer-centric ATS on the market.

Technology Sourcing:

Dice: They’ve pivoted a ton and are doing some really, really, cool work with AI now.

Qualification Call & Submittal Automation:

HoneIt – This is one of my new favorite recruiting tools, period. So, So, So, cool. Schedules, records, transcribes, and indexes phone interviews.  Automates your submissions, submit via email, text message, Facebook message, Slack, however you want! And your hiring managers will be able to listen to soundbytes of the questions you ask candidates on the call!!

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