The Evolution of Amy and Andrew

Five years ago, Amy and Andrew began scheduling a handful of meetings.

Since then, they have scheduled hundreds of thousands of meetings for busy people in over 100 countries. Their employers (you!) have come to rely on the ease with which their meetings get magically scheduled. Today we are announcing an evolution in the way that helps you manage your time.

While Amy and Andrew have gotten extremely good at understanding intent and extracting meeting details from a natural language sentence, no AI, or human for that matter, can be 100% accurate. There always exists a small percentage of cases where ambiguity can result in unwanted outcomes. One single misunderstanding can cause an otherwise great relationship between you and Amy or Andrew to sour.

So we are extremely excited to introduce a trust-but-verify confirmation for your ad hoc meetings, removing all anxiety about whether your AI understands you.

As we move forward, meetings you request by CCing them and specifying the details (rather than using one of your meeting types), Amy and Andrew will hold off on scheduling until they confirm the details that they understood. One click on a button later and off they go to schedule your meeting. If they missed something, no worries, they did not reach out to your guests yet so you can easily make corrections before you send them off.

Other components of this evolution are already well underway, as has undertaken an ambitious roadmap of product innovation. Our platform allows you to schedule meetings effortlessly from wherever you are, empowering you and your guests to synchronize calendars from the web, from Slack, from iOS, from Chrome, and even instantly and invisibly in the background!

Over the next few months, you’ll see even more exciting changes. A new companion app, unlimited participants meetings, embeddable calendar pages, round-robin scheduling, rebrandable scheduling pages, and more decision points between you and Andrew and Amy to ensure you are on the same page with no misunderstandings. All of these features are designed to help you manage all of your calendars from anywhere, accurately and flexibly. All with complete peace of mind. Want to learn more? Watch the webinar we held to discuss the latest and greatest changes in!

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So what does this mean?

First, it means that you will no longer have to worry if an AI is good enough to understand you. Just like a good waiter, we’ll read your order back to you to ensure there are no mistakes.

Ad Hoc Meeting Verification Email

Second, the way you schedule meetings will become vastly more flexible. With Slash Commands, you can CC Amy and Andrew with a code word in the email and they will immediately get to work scheduling that meeting type with your guests. No read-back needed, as they will proceed immediately with the predefined parameters of that type of meeting to find a time. This innovation allows a meeting request to work in any language!

Request a meeting through Slack

Want hands-off scheduling? Simply provide your guests with a calendar page for any of your unlimited meeting types. Send it in an email, embed it on your site, or tweet it to your followers. They can then seamlessly schedule a time with you and you’ll both get the follow-up coordination that you have come to rely upon from Amy and Andrew.

Finally, for this means that we can continue to focus on improving our algorithms and building our infrastructure to provide faster and even more reliable service, knowing that a less-than-perfect prediction has fewer consequences since it will be changed by you before we reach out to your guests. In the short term, you may see some slowdowns in the system as we transition to new machine learning infrastructure. Our support teams will be on call for any questions as well, so rest easy. We’ve got this.

Free your time

All of these changes are in furtherance of our mission to free you from your calendar. is your personal scheduling assistant and we aim to keep it that way. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

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