New: Set Max Meetings Per Day for Any Type of Meeting

It’s true that is a tool to schedule meetings. is also a tool to NOT schedule meetings.

Being able to say when you don’t want a meeting to happen is just as important as saying when you do want it to happen. Our new feature makes this even easier: You can now set a limit for the max number of meetings from a specific template you want to do per day. For example, you can set a max of 3 reference checks per day. Once the third meeting is scheduled, no additional slots will be offered that day.

By setting a maximum number of meetings, you can keep your calendar balanced and ensure you have available times every day for all of the different types of meetings you do. If you spend all day doing Product Demo calls as an Account Executive without leaving room for the next steps in your sales funnel, you may actually end up closing fewer new accounts.

This is one of the most requested features from our users, and we’re thrilled to make it available to everyone today.

“I’m thrilled with the responsiveness of to my needs. This feature makes my life SO much easier. I was still having to manually schedule some meetings — now I don’t have to. It’s going to save me tons of time.”

Elaine Basham, The Resume Group

How To Set a Maximum Number of Meetings Per Day

With, you can set up unlimited Meeting Templates (for free!), each with their own pre-set preferences for specific types of meetings.

On each Meeting Template, you can customize the setting for Max Meetings Allowed Per Day. The default is No Limit, and you can choose from the suggestions or type in your own number.

This limit only applies to the specific meeting template, whether you share it as a Calendar Page link or you trigger it as a Slash Command in an email.

Pro Tip: Every Meeting Template has an optional setting to approve Calendar Page meetings before they’re scheduled. Meetings that are requested but not yet scheduled don’t count toward the limit. When you approve a meeting, we’ll alert you if you’ve hit your limit and give you the option to override and schedule it anyway.

Max Meetings for Team Calendar Pages

In addition to personal Calendar Pages, you can also limit the number of meetings scheduled from shared Team Calendar Pages.

On a Round Robin Meeting Template, the Team admin can set a limit that applies to each member of the calendar.

Let’s say Ammon, Lauren, and Josh are members of a Round Robin Calendar Page with a 3-meetings-per-day limit. This means that Ammon can do a max of 3 Round Robin meetings per day, Lauren can do a max of 3, and Josh can do a max of 3. 

This is an easy way for managers to help their teams manage their time. In a Sales context, this is also a great way to cap the number of account management calls per sales rep per day to ensure they apply the proper amount of focus on closing NEW accounts.

What Types of Meetings Should I Limit?

There are infinite types of meetings you may want to limit. Office Hours, 1:1s, and mentoring have been early favorites among our users.

Perhaps you’re a recruiter who is also tasked with doing reference calls. You want to make sure you keep time every day to speak to new candidates, so you set a max of five 15-minute reference calls per day.

Reference Call

Meeting Template

Quick 15 minute phone call,the call you, with a maximum of 5 per day

+add template

There’s also the senior engineer who does 3rd round interviews with candidates, but wants to limit those to a max of one per day to preserve her maker time.

3rd Round Interview

Meeting Template

A 1 hour Google Meet call, limited to one per day.

+add template

Another common scenario is for senior managers who mentor junior managers in the organization, but can’t do more than one session per week. They can set up a template for Thursday only with a maximum of 1 per day.

Mentoring Session

Meeting Template

A 1 hour session limited to 1 meeting per day, only on Thursdays.

+add template

Looking for more inspiration? Browse our Meeting Template library by type and industry. Add them to your account and customize them to create new Calendar Pages.

More Ways to Customize Meeting Templates

Setting the Max Number of Meetings Allowed Per Day is just one way you can customize a Meeting Template. Here are some of the additional options:

Lead Time won’t let your guests schedule within this amount of time. As in, I need at least 1 day to prepare for an in-office meeting, or at least 3 hours lead time for a product demo to do the proper research.

Breather Time can automatically give you a set period of time between your meetings. Choose from the options or type in your own custom duration. Salespeople usually set this to 0, as back-to-back meetings increase their volume. Recruiters tend to leave some breather time to set the stage for the next candidate.

Available Slots will share a limited number of available slots per day. This is a valuable privacy tool, as it ensures you’re never exposing your full availability and protecting against people seeing how busy (or not) you might be.

Start Time Options

Choose when meetings can begin, whether it’s only at the top of the hour (:00), every 30 minutes, or every 5 minutes.

Confirm Meeting Requests

Under the Restrictions menu, turn this setting on if you want to confirm meeting requests before they’re scheduled. This may be something you do for some Calendar Pages, but perhaps not something you would do for others, e.g. a Round Robin solutions call Calendar Page with your Customer Success team.

Set a Guest Confirmation Page

Under the Personalization menu, after a guest selects a time on your Calendar Page, redirect them automatically to a destination on your own site.

Add Custom Fields

Collect additional information from guests after they select a time to meet. This information will be displayed on the calendar invite and can also be sent to Zapier for further automated actions.

Collect Payments

You can require guests to pay when scheduling time through your Calendar Page. integrates with Stripe and supports 136 currencies. As always, does not collect any additional fees on the payments you collect.

Meeting Reminders

Add Meeting Reminders and customize the content and when they’re set to reduce no-shows and ensure your guests show up prepared.

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