Schedule Anything with the NEW Meeting Creator

We talk a lot about ways to share your availability to schedule a meeting — Calendar Pages, One-Time Links, copying times, and the Scheduling AI.

All of those rely on the scheduling engine — powerful AI technology that lets the tool instantly compare your meeting request, current and pending availability, and preferences with that of other participants. Whether you’re writing to the Scheduling AI in natural language (Scheduler, find 30 minutes with Nadia next week) or sharing a link with 10 guests, the scheduling engine is the foundation that gets the meeting on your calendar. is built so that you’re always in control. You can choose to hand off scheduling to the AI or not, and regardless, you always have visibility into how meetings are being scheduled. Transparency leads to trust. This has been the guiding principle as we set out to redesign the Meeting Creator.

The Meeting Creator is an answer for every scheduling question, giving you an easy way to schedule anything, from the simplest meeting to most sophisticated. Not only can you quickly schedule meetings with the Meeting Creator, but you can also test and preview how meetings would be scheduled by the Scheduling AI.

Schedule a Meeting

Quickly add your meeting details or get granular — you can do it all with the Meeting Creator.

set timezones for each guest in the meeting
  • Use your default scheduling hours, customize a range, or set a specific time & date for the meeting.
  • Choose the meeting duration, whether you need to build commute time in, and where it will be held.
  • Add your guests’ email addresses and any optional information, like their time zones, whether anyone is optional (including yourself!), or if anyone is coordinating for another guest (which lets them choose times on their behalf).
  • Add meeting notes to the calendar invitation. [Optional]
  • Customize an email introduction to your guests that will be sent from the Scheduling AI, along with time options for the meeting. Great for those times when you want to just schedule a meeting without separately messaging the guest first. [Optional]

Preview a Meeting

When I use the Scheduling AI to book a meeting, what will my guests see? This is one of the most common questions we hear from new users, and now, you can see for yourself — before you even schedule the meeting.

Once you’ve filled in the meeting details, click “Preview email.” You’ll see the exact email that will be sent to each meeting guest.

preview the emails the Scheduling AI will send to your guests before they're sent

You can close the preview and make more changes to the meeting details (and preview again!), or click “Start scheduling” and the Scheduling AI will get to work on your behalf.

Pro Tip: When you’re using the Scheduling AI to book a meeting with other users, the meeting can be scheduled instantly without ANY emails. This is because we already know everyone’s availability and preferences. If your colleague is busy, the tool will tell you immediately so you can tune the time/date range to one that works for everyone.

Create a One-Time Link to schedule your meeting.

Create a One-Time Link

After you add your meeting details, you can also opt to create a One-Time Link to send to guests yourself.

The One-Time Link is automatically copied to your clipboard.

The link is automatically copied to your clipboard and is ready for you to share with your guests, by email, message, or even text. Your guest will be able to choose from your available times to book the meeting.

Your guests can select multiple time options to help get the meeting scheduled quickly.

Schedule a Meeting from Anywhere

You’re always a click away from the Meeting Creator. Type into your browser for a quick start to scheduling a meeting with the Scheduling AI. is a browser shortcut to create a One-Time Link.

On, click on the Schedule Meeting button for quick access to Send via or One-Time Link. You also have fast access to copy a link to one of your meeting templates

easy access to schedule a meeting from anywhere on

The full functionality of the Schedule Meeting button is also available from the Chrome extension.

schedule meetings from the chrome extension

You can also quickly access the Meeting Creator (along with your account) from directly.

schedule a meeting from

What’s Next?

We’re planning even more improvements for Meeting Creator soon, including the ability to choose between Scheduler, Amy, and Andrew. Tell us what you’d like to see added — @xdotai on Twitter, or you can email me directly.