Round Robin Scheduling Pages Get an Upgrade

Sales teams, support teams, retailers, tech support, remote teams, and teams of all types rejoice: Round Robin Calendar Pages from have received a few new features that will boost your team’s productivity.

Use Per-Team Member Scheduling Hours

Not all teams live in the same time zone and not all team members work the same shift. Your scheduling tool should reflect the reality of your team’s composition and unique situation. When setting up your Round Robin Calendar Pages you now have flexible options to use each of your team members’ time zones and scheduling hours.

Notice the option to “Use each team member’s scheduling hours from their Default Meeting Template.” Selecting this option will do exactly as it says: Each team member will be available to receive meetings from this Calendar Page only in the hours and time zone that they specify in their default template. This prevents scheduling calls at 2 am and enables worldwide 24 hour coverage across shifts.

You can also set specific hours for this meeting template but choose to use those hours in each of your team members’ time zones. This way you can have a Calendar Page offering scheduling from 9-5 for each team member, but effectively offering 24 hour availability to your guests.

Customized Schedule Meeting Button

Not all “meetings” are actually “meetings” and Round Robin meetings are no exception. Your new ability to customize the schedule button on your Calendar Pages extends to your Round Robin pages, too. Offer a session, a class, a consultation, etc. by changing the button to match your use case.

How to Get Started With Round Robin Scheduling

Our Round Robin Calendar Pages are being used in a wide variety of situations. Most prominently, our customer Seesaw recently implemented Round Robin scheduling for their support team, allowing teachers and school administrators to quickly schedule support sessions over video call.

Other customers are using Round Robin scheduling to manage foot traffic through their retail stores during capacity restrictions during COVID-19. Want a fashion consultation or an appointment to view a showroom full of hand made furniture? There’s a Round Robin page for that!

A very common use of these Team Calendar Pages is sales, support, and implementation teams. In fact, here at we use our own Round Robin Calendar Pages to schedule calls to help you set up your Round Robin Calendar Pages. Meta enough for you? We’re happy to help out, schedule an implementation with one of our team members using our own Round Robin Calendar Page and let’s talk about your team’s use case. Maybe you’ll be our next case study!

Schedule an Implementation Call

Have a unique use case or questions about integrating into your workflow? Schedule time with us!

Already using’s Round Robin Calendar Pages in a unique and interesting way? Reach out to us at or on Twitter at @xdotai and perhaps you’ll be featured in our next case study!