Remind Yourself to Vote with

Voting is a time-honored civic duty, but in the United States not only does Election Day fall on a weekday, but every jurisdiction has different rules and procedures governing how and where citizens can vote. Using’s Reminder feature, you can easily block off time for yourself to get to the polls, fill out your mail-in ballot, or register yourself to vote.

First, Find Out How to Vote.

There are some fantastic resources online that can help you identify how and where you can vote.

National Association of Secretaries of State

Available via, this site takes you directly to the website for the Secretary of State for your state. is the U.S. government’s official voting information portal. From here you can find links to each state’s voting website.

538’s How To Vote Guide

538 maintains a list of state-by-state voting resources with updated information including adjustments made due to the COVID-19 pandemic.’s 2020 Voting Guide

Ballotpedia, the “digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections,” maintains perhaps the most comprehensive voting guide available.

Next, Block Out Some Time to Vote!’s Reminder feature allows you to automatically block out time on your calendar for yourself and add notes to it simply by sending an email to your Scheduling AI. To schedule a voting reminder for yourself, just email your Scheduling AI and let it know when you’d like to block some time.

I found my polling site using the resources above and I then copied and pasted the address into an email and sent it directly to as seen above. The Scheduling AI then responded with the time it found on my calendar. Notice that it not only picked up the address, but because integrates with Google Maps automatically, it also added the name of the school where I will be voting!

The Scheduling AI picked up all of the details and found a time for me to go vote: 3 PM on election day! I also employed an additional trick: When you use the Reminder feature to schedule focus time or reminders for yourself, the Scheduling AI will include the full text of the email in your calendar invitation. I included a URL for the polling information site just so I have it in my calendar:

What if you are going to vote by mail?

Simple! Just pick a range of dates to block out some time to fill in your ballot and send that date range to your Scheduling AI. Just make sure you allow ample time before election day.

Note that I intentionally did not specify a title this time. When the Scheduling AI detects that you are the only one in the meeting, it will use the subject of the email and the word “Reminder” as the default title:

Now I am all set and ready to vote!’s Reminder feature is a powerful and flexible way to block out time for yourself. In this example, I am using it to make sure I cast my ballot (and so should you!), but I also use it for scheduling me-time as well. How do you use the Reminder feature? Let us know @xdotai!