Rely on AI in July – Here’s Why

We’ve got a bevy of new features to share in July, as our product team works almost as long of hours as Andrew and Amy (and now scheduler!). Here’s a sampling of the latest and greatest features of which you can expect to avail yourself this month:

  1. It’s here! Round Robin scheduling for teams
  2. Create a meeting from Google Calendar
  3. Get instant meeting confirmation in our Slack App
  4. Create a One-Time Link for groups
  5. New scheduling assistant:
  6. Response indicators for your meetings
  7. Updated email alerts to control your scheduling
  8. See which team members have calendar errors
  9. Create a new meeting with and
  10. Connected guests are happy guests
  11. Embedded calendar page improvements
  12. Create One-Time Links from anywhere

Book the first available team member with Round Robin

New for July: create a Round Robin calendar page shared by your team that will schedule a meeting with a random team member who is available at the time the guest chooses. When combined with our powerful calendar embeds, Round Robin enables teams of every type and size to share the inbound interest equally. With the ability to choose which calendar and location each team member prefers, you can customize a page that will distribute the workload across your team. Simply head on over to your Team Meeting Templates and create a new Round Robin template!

Chrome Extension users can create meetings from Google Calendar

Are you using the Chrome Extension? If you aren’t, you should. It gives you access to your Calendar Page links directly in Gmail and gives you quick access to our Copy Times feature with a quick-access button in your browser. Now we’ve added another feature… Google Calendar (and soon Outlook web users) will see a “Create” button to let you quickly schedule meetings with people outside of your organization. Clicking the button will take you directly to our Meeting Create tool where you can send a scheduling request through our AI or you can generate a One-Time Link for one guest or for a group of guests.

Instant meeting confirmation right in Slack

OK, so now you are using our Chrome extension, right? What about our powerful Slack Integration? Well, now you can take advantage of instant meeting confirmations right in Slack! Also, the Slack integration now supports referencing a guest by email in addition to the existing @mention functionality. You might also notice that we’ve added out third AI Scheduling Assistant, scheduler as a slash command, so you can type, “/scheduler book time with @ammon next week.” Boom, done! Incidentally, using Slack is an excellent way to test the AI and get comfortable with how to request a meeting.

One link to schedule them all

In case you missed the recent announcement, has released a simple, straightforward, yet powerful means of accessing our AI scheduling engine: One-Time Links for Groups. Now you can create a link that is specific for the group of people you specify and the meeting time frame, duration, and other parameters you set. Simply head on over to our Meeting Create tool and select “One-Time Link (Groups).” Set a few options, choose an unlimited number of participants, and send the link out to them. As each guest selects their available times, each subsequent guest will be presented with a narrowed down list. Once the last person selects a time, the invitation gets sent out!

A new decidedly non-human AI scheduling assistant

Our users love Andrew and Amy Ingram, our AI scheduling assistants. However, we’ve received feedback that they sometimes inadvertently pass the Turing Test with our users’ guests. To address this potential for confusion, we’ve added a third option to our roster of scheduling assistants, the aptly named meeting scheduler, accessible via the email address, For our users who prefer to make it abundantly clear that is software and not an interloping human in their meeting, this option works perfectly. You can even add the new non-anthropomorphic scheduling AI to your contacts here. Enjoy!

Know who has responded at a glance

Imagine you are trying to schedule a meeting with four of your closest co-stars, but someone is being a deadbeat and not responding to the follow up emails from your scheduling AI. We’ve all been there. Well now our system will snitch on them for shunning your entreaties! With a quick glance you can see who responded to a meeting request and who didn’t… as well as those who do not need to respond at all because they wisely use as well! The icons next to your guests’ picture will now indicate their status in the meeting. A green checkmark means they have already chosen times at which they are available. A blue badge of honor means they are an user and do not need to choose a time, we’ll handle that. No badge at all identifies the unresponsive meeting guests so you can reach out to them and harangue them into scheduling the meeting.

New and improved meeting status alerts

Sometimes entropy takes over a meeting and the cats cannot be effectively herded by our scheduling AI. After all, we need some cooperation from the cats! We’ve undertaken a massive project to improve the logic and clarity of the emails that come from our AI scheduling assistants so that you always know exactly where a meeting stands and what to do about it. Better design, better logic, better meetings.

Keep an eye on your team

Part of running an effective team is understanding the capabilities of your team members. A team on is no different, administrators need to be able to tell who can schedule meetings and who can’t. Not only have we redesigned our admin dashboard, we’ve also added indicators when your team members do not have a valid calendar connected, making it decidedly difficult to schedule meetings with them. We’ll also indicate that your team member has a disconnected calendar when you add them to one of your combined calendar pages.

Quickly schedule meetings using

Now THIS is cool. With the rollout of Google’s .new domains, a whole bunch of cool features are now a bookmark away. You can simply navigate to to create a new meeting using’s Meeting Create tool. Want to create a one-time scheduling URL? We’ve got you covered with a shortcut, Pretty cool, huh? Check out some of the other companies that are using this trick in our blog post about it.

Connected guests get visual cues

Anyone who reads our blog regularly (you both know who you are) is aware that when your meeting guests are connected to you can schedule instant meetings with them. But did you also know that on your calendar pages and pretty much any time picker on the site, we now show little green dots to indicate mutual availability? That’s right, if your guests are logged in they will no longer have to keep tab-hopping back and forth from their calendar to yours. They’ll just see when you’re both available and can schedule the time!

Embedded calendar pages just got smarter

It seems like only yesterday that we launched our embedded calendars feature. This month we’re adding some improvements to help you keep track of your scheduling. Now you can append URL parameters to your embedded calendar pages and we’ll add them to your custom redirect page. Now you can carry through information from your site to ours and back to yours. Coming soon, the ability to set the location from the embedded URL, too!

Create a new One-Time Link from anywhere in your account

You asked, we built! Now you can quickly access your Calendar Page URLs or you can create a One-Time Link from anywhere in your account. Just look for the “Create Meeting” button and grab a link. You can create a One-Time Scheduling Link based on your default scheduling preferences instantly, you can jump directly to our Create Tool with the “Send via” option, or you can grab one of your most frequently used Calendar Page Links. Now your scheduling powers are at the tip of your mouse pointer at all times. Boom, done!

Check back soon for more!

We’ve got some substantial updates on the horizon this month and you will be thrilled to hear that these new features will make your scheduling life much easier. On deck is the ability to create meetings from anywhere, updates to our Chrome extension, and new team features for scheduling efficiently. Stand by for AI in July!

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