NEW: Reduce No-Shows with Customizable Meeting Reminders

Scheduling meetings with is easy, and our new customizable Meeting Reminders help ensure your guests show up on-time and prepared.

Have a big sales pitch? Bringing a candidate on-site for an interview? Lining up coaching sessions? Add as many Meeting Reminders as you want, then customize when they should go out — down to the minute! You can also fully brand and personalize the message(s) that your guests receive ahead of the meeting.

Add customized Meeting Reminders for individual and team Meeting Templates (you get unlimited meeting templates with our free plan!), and add unique reminders to apply to your one-off meetings. This lets you control what type of reminder is sent, depending on the type of meeting.

Smart Reminders Lead to Successful Meetings

“Around 20% of meetings people schedule with me, they end up ghosting me — only to later say they lost track of the calendar event!”

Claire Díaz-Ortiz, author, speaker, and investor

An effective reminder cadence can make all the difference in ensuring people turn up prepared for a successful meeting.

An effective reminder helps ensure people turn up prepared for a successful meeting.

Every user starts off with a default reminder that will be sent 24 hours before the meeting. Individual and Team plan users can change the timing of how many reminders should be sent and when. They can also fully customize the message of the reminder.

Pro Tip: With an Team Plan, you can upload your company logo to fully brand your scheduling emails, calendar pages, and Meeting Reminders.

Reminders for Sales

“Although calendar invites are a great reminder, don’t assume they’re enough to get your prospect to show up.”

For anyone working in sales or account management, a customized meeting reminder ensures your prospect or client actually shows up. Customized Meeting Reminders add a layer of smart automation that will help your sales team turn more leads into opportunities.

Sales professionals can customize their meeting reminders to improve their lead to opportunity conversion.

Reminders for Recruiting

Customized Meeting Reminders can help recruiters create a positive candidate experience without additional manual work. Set your candidates up for success with a reminder on what they should expect in the interview, what they should prepare ahead of time, and what they should bring along. You can also include links to information about your company culture and other programs that may be relevant to candidates.

Recruiters can use meeting reminders to ensure candidates come to interviews prepared.

Reminders for Real Estate

Real estate professionals rely on customized Meeting Reminders to ensure their buyers have all of the details ahead of showing appointments and open houses.

Real estate professionals can use meeting reminders to share additional listing information with their clients.

How to Set Up Meeting Reminders

From any Meeting Template or your Scheduling Defaults, go to the Meeting Reminders section to add, customize, or remove a reminder.

Meeting reminders are easy to customize.

The default Meeting Reminder includes many personalizing elements, including:

  • Title — [meeting_title]
  • Link — [ Meeting Page Link]
  • Time — [meeting_time]
  • Date — [meeting_date]
  • Duration — [meeting_duration]
  • Guest’s first and last name — [guest_first_name] [guest_last_name]

You can also embed links in the text with the format: [display text](url)

Reminders for Yourself

While Meeting Reminder emails are sent to your guests, you will receive a Daily Meeting Prep email every evening that includes a full rundown of the day ahead.

We’ll point out any conflicts or meetings that are missing location details, and we’ll also show you the current status of your pending meetings that are in the process of being scheduled.

Reminder: It’s Time to Set Up Your Meeting Reminders

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