NEW: Record and transcribe your meetings with Notiv

We’re excited to announce a new integration with Notiv to automatically record, transcribe, and summarize meetings scheduled with

You can now connect your Notiv account to as your preferred transcription service. From there, you can turn on Notiv recording for any of your personal and team meeting templates.

turn notiv on specific meeting templates will be automatically included when meetings from these templates are scheduled. After these meetings end, you’ll receive an email with the recording, a summary of key points, and the complete transcript.

Add Notiv to a scheduling email

In addition to managing Notiv on your meeting templates, you can also selectively add Notiv to meetings you schedule over email and Slack, as well as on the Meeting Creator. Just include the email address like you would for other guests and will take care of the rest. will always be set as an optional guest.

add to any meeting

Start an meeting in Notiv

Notiv has also added a shortcut to their tool so you can easily start scheduling an meeting. Once you add the integration to Notiv, you can start scheduling a meeting directly from your Notiv account home page.

schedule an meeting directly from notiv

How to get + Notiv makes it easy to schedule meetings how you want them, and Notiv does the work to make sure your meetings are actionable.

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