New: Record and transcribe your meetings with

We’re thrilled to announce a new integration with Fireflies that lets you automatically record and transcribe meetings scheduled with

After you set up your Fireflies account, you can opt to automatically include on any meetings scheduled from your personal and team meeting templates. After these meetings end, you’ll receive an email with the recording and the transcript.

Add Firelies to A Scheduling Email

In addition to managing Fireflies on your meeting templates, you can also selectively add Fireflies to meetings you schedule over email and Slack, as well as on the Meeting Creator.

add to any meeting

Just add the email address, like you would for other guests and will take care of the rest. will always be set as an optional guest.

Schedule an meeting in Fireflies

Fireflies has added a shortcut to their tool so you can also easily start scheduling an meeting. Just click the “Schedule Meeting” button after you log in.

Exponential time savings with and

Over the last 18 months, the team has been focused on adding features and integrations to help you build scheduling workflows that save time and provide value.

Like, Fireflies uses artificial intelligence to automate the formerly manual tasks of taking meeting notes and doing data entry afterward. Fireflies records and transcribes your meetings, making it easy to identify action items and key insights.

Plus, Fireflies integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and dozens of other CRMs and apps to ensure your meeting details are logged wherever your team needs them.

“As a subscriber to both Fireflies and, I am ecstatic to see them joining forces with this full integration. I record all of my client calls and strategy sessions, but I don’t record personal calls. This integration gives me complete control over which meetings get transcribed by Fireflies. If anyone out there is not yet using this duo, they should seriously consider adding both to their toolkit!”

Clinton Wasylishen, Business and Life Transformation Coach,

How to Get + Fireflies makes it easy to schedule meetings how you want them, and Fireflies ensures your meetings are actionable so you can get better results.
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