Put Your Company Logo Everywhere You Schedule

We talk a lot about the importance of adding your company’s logo to x.ai. No matter what types of meetings you schedule, we’ve seen that people are more likely to respond quickly to meeting requests when they see your brand associated with it.

Today, we’re excited to expand the list of places where you and your guests will see your logo. Simply put: When you add your logo to x.ai, it will appear everywhere.

What do we mean by everywhere? In addition to your calendar pages, scheduling emails, and meeting reminders, your company logo will now also appear on:

  • All outgoing emails from x.ai, including the Daily Meeting Prep email you and your Team members receive, as well as invitations you and your Team send to new x.ai connections
  • All pages where your guests select times, including Team member’s individual calendar pages

x.ai puts your business front-and-center with a powerful white-label scheduling solution for you and your Team.

Your Company Logo on All Emails from x.ai

You can add your company logo on the x.ai Team Preferences page. Once you upload the logo, you’ll see the settings where you can choose where to apply your company logo.

upload your company logo and choose where to apply it

Scheduling a meeting over Slack or email? The email your guest receives with time options will have your company logo and can be sent from a Scheduling AI on your domain (i.e. scheduler@lyft.com).

your logo will appear on the email your guest receives with time options

If your guests need to select a different time option, they’ll see your logo with the meeting host’s profile photo when they arrive at the time selector, a familiar and reinforcing image.

your logo will be shown with the host's profile photo on the time selector

Once the meeting is scheduled, you can customize branded Meeting Reminders to help your guests show up on-time and prepared for the meeting.

your logo will appear on customized meeting reminders

Every evening, x.ai sends a Daily Meeting Prep email with a rundown to help you prepare for the day ahead. The Daily Meeting Prep will now be branded with your logo for everyone on your Team, making it feel more relevant.

your logo will be featured on the Daily Meeting Prep email

Are there people you meet with regularly? Invite them to join your x.ai network to make it easier and faster to schedule meetings with them. When you send these invitations, they’ll have your company logo on them which helps your connections quickly understand the context of the email.

your logo will also be included on invitations you send to your connections

Your Company Logo on Calendar Pages and Time Selectors

In addition to scheduling emails, you can also opt to show your company logo on the pages where guests select times. This includes shared Team Round Robin and Combined Calendar Pages.

your logo will appear on shared Team calendar pages

Your company logo will also be added to individual calendar pages for each Team member.

your logo will be included on Team member's individual Calendar Pages

Add Your Company Logo Today

x.ai Team plan users can upload their company logo from their Team Preferences page. Free and Individual users can upgrade their subscription for instant access to these premium features. We recommend adding a logo with a filled-in background (not white) that is at least 200px wide and no more than 4MB overall. What you use across social channels will usually work nicely here.

Have an idea of another place to add your logo? Tell us! Send a note to help@human.x.ai — we read and respond to every single note.