One-Time Links for Group Meetings: The ‘Ultimate Doodle-Killer’

Getting a group of people together is a pain. The bigger the group, the bigger the hassle. We’ve worked on this challenge for years, and we’ve seen major success with our recent end-to-end overhaul of group scheduling over email.

Today, we’re putting that group scheduling power into your hands. Meeting hosts now have the option to set up a One-Time Link for a group of people to add in their availability.

create a one-time link to schedule a meeting with an unlimited number of people
Create a One-Time Link to schedule any meeting.

When you create and send out a One-Time link, the tool will automatically help guests find consensus as they select from overlapping options, then it will send the meeting invitation to all participants. One-Time Links support an unlimited number of guests, making them a go-to option for meetings with one guest as well as meetings with a large group.

“With One-Time Links, has built a solution that truly streamlines group meeting scheduling and finally gets us beyond those tedious polls. It’s the ultimate Doodle-Killer!”

Justin Mitchell, Founder and CEO at Yac

One link unlocks powerful group scheduling

The launch of One-Time Links gives users direct access to the group scheduling features of’s AI assistants, Amy, Andrew, and Scheduler, a recently added neutral option. One-Time Links put the power into the meeting host’s hands, keeping their calendar private and giving them full control over what availability is shared, while still ensuring the process is quick and intimate for guests.

As each person in your group meetings adds their availability, the list of times are narrowed down to ones that work for everyone.
As each guest adds their availability, the list of times offered to each guest are narrowed down to ones that work for everyone.

“We’ve spent the last five years tuning an AI-powered scheduling engine that lets you and your teams easily share availability according to your preferences. Asking to email all your guests to set up the meeting is an awesome experience, and we’re excited for our customers to also share One-Time Links with large groups of people. We believe this is a truly liberating use of our scheduling engine, one that makes it easier to book meetings no matter who you are or what type of meeting you’re hosting,” said Dennis Mortensen, CEO and founder of

Best-in-class group scheduling, available for all’s solution for scheduling group meetings goes far beyond other options on the market:

  • Smarter Times: The easy-to-use time selector responds in real-time when guests add their availability, so the tool can offer better choices to the remaining guests and increase the chances everyone can quickly agree on a time.
  • Works Across Timezones: Meeting time options are localized for each guest based on their timezone, and this can be set by the host and the guest.
  • Streamlined Meeting Management: The status of the meeting and who has (and hasn’t) responded is always visible. The host can add and remove people at any time, or mark others as optional. Invitations are automatically sent when all of the mandatory guests have responded.
  • One-Click Rescheduling: If a conflict comes up after the meeting is scheduled, the meeting can be rescheduled with the click of a button — and this work can be handed off to an AI scheduling assistant if needed, saving everyone time.
  • Detailed Guest Information:’s meeting invite includes a brief bio for every participant, including their title, company, and a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Additionally, One-Time Links are included in’s free offering, which also includes unlimited meetings, unlimited meeting templates and calendar pages, and integrations with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack, among other benefits.

“As a premium subscriber, I love that my team and our customers can sign up for for free,” said Alison Eyring, PhD, founder and CEO at Organisation Solutions, a global consultancy helping companies grow and manage the many challenges of growth. “When I meet with other users, our meetings are scheduled instantly without any back-and-forth. We’re all busy and this saves everyone time!”

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