NEW: Integrates With Shift

If you have not heard of Shift, the workstation for productive people, you are in for a treat! Not only does it act as home base for all of your applications and logins within a single interface, but it is highly configurable as well. Do yourself a favor and download Shift, because now you can add your account directly to Shift!

How It Works

Shift is a desktop application that consolidates all of your accounts, logins, applications, and of course calendars in one easy to use workstation. With the new application in Shift, you can add to your Shift workflows. Simply search for in the list of apps and click install.

Once added to Shift, you now have an icon in your applications sidebar, displayed in the lower right in these screenshots. Clicking that icon will take you directly into your account, making switching between and your email, calendars, or any other application completely painless!

It’s the same scheduling experience you’ve come to rely on, now fully integrated into your productivity home base of choice!

Schedule every meeting instantly. For free. Forever.