New Ways To Share Your Calendar Page

When you create an Calendar Page, you create a powerful tool in your software arsenal. However, no tool is useful until it is utilized! Today we’ve added a bunch of suggestions as well as a new integration with our friends at LinkCard. To help you add your Calendar Page URLs to your various online profiles, we’ve created quick links to many of the most popular ones. You’ll find this list under the Ember section on each Meeting Template in your account.

1. LinkCard, of course

LinkCard is a simple way to create a one-page website, an email signature generator, a mobile-first digital business card, and a flexible tool for quickly and easily connecting with contacts. Our new integration with their tool allows you to automatically create a beautifully designed LinkCard with your Calendar Page URL already set up. Just click the link from the profile list in the Embed section of you Meeting Template and it’s done!


About Me is one of the original online profile builders, allowing users to create their own space online. You can add your Calendar Page to your About Me profile simply by clicking “Get more visits to another website” from your profile main page. Choose “Schedule an Appointment” and add your Calendar page URL there.

Pro Tip: When you click into one of these profile providers from your account, your Calendar Page URL is automatically added to your clipboard!

3. AngelList

AngelList is the go-to source of people and company information for startups and venture capital. To add your Calendar Page URL to AngelList, just go to your profile, click “Edit” and add the URL to your “Website” field or directly in the Mini-resume field.

4. Facebook

Facebook is… well, you almost certainly know what Facebook is; the largest social network on the planet. Adding your Calendar Page URL to your Facebook profile is straightforward. Simply visit your profile page and click “Contact and Basic Info.” Add your Calendar Page URL to one of the “Website” fields and save it. Boom!

5. Google My Business

Google My Business is home-base for your business profile on Google Maps, Google Places, and other Google properties. A little-known feature in your Business profile on Google is the ability to add a booking link. You can use your Calendar Page link as an appointment scheduling link to book meetings directly from Google’s search results! Simply edit your business profile and look for the “Appointment Links” section.

6. Instagram

Over the last few years, Instagram has become an ever-more important part of any company’s social media presence. The ability to reach consumers where they are spending time is crucial if you want to be a part of the conversations with them. You can add your Scheduling link to your Instagram profile in the “Website” field when you edit your profile.

7. LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the go-to resource for professional profiles. Your professional profile is not yet complete if it still lacks an Calendar Page! All you need to do is add your Calendar Page URL to your contact info. Just go to edit your profile, scroll down and look for “Contact info.” You can add your Calendar Page URL under “Profile URL, Websites, Phone, Email, WeChat ID” by clicking the pencil icon next to it.

8. Twitter

It could not be easier to add your Calendar Page URL to your Twitter profile. Just paste it into the Bio section of your profile and sit back and watch your calendar fill up with meetings. Well, not fill up completely, you are using our Max Meetings per day or week setting, right?

9. Yelp

Home-base for local businesses, Yelp is the 800 pound gorilla of local listings. Adding a Calendar Page URL to your Yelp profile can help you bring business directly to your calendar. Simply add your Calendar Page URL to your Yelp profile in the business manager.

10. YouTube

Communicating with your audience via video is great, but what about communicating with them via video conference? Add your Calendar Page URL to your YouTube channel and allow interested viewers to schedule time with you. You can showcase your expertise and then use our Stripe Scheduling Integration to charge for your time and further monetize your channel! Simply Go to your Channel’s “Basic Info” section and add your Calendar Page as one of your URLs.

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