New: Updated WordPress Plugin Integrates Scheduling On Your Website

A few months ago, our code wizards spun up the meeting scheduling WordPress plugin to make it easy for website owners to embed their Calendar Pages in their own websites. Our goal is to make the most universally useful and exceptionally easy scheduling tool in the world, and the WordPress plugin was another step toward easing scheduling pain. However, even we were a bit surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response and constructive feedback we received. We took your feedback and have rolled it into a newly updated WordPress plugin to give you even more control over your embedded calendar pages!

Pop Up Embedded Calendar Page Support

Our WordPress plugin enables two basic types of embedded calendar pages, inline and popup. By default, the integration uses our default button that creates a pop-up on your website with the calendar inside of it. You can customize the button text from your WordPress admin section. It looks like this:

When clicked, the button opens a Calendar Page of your choosing in the same window as an overlay popup:

Using the WordPress Admin interface, you are able to control not only the Calendar Page that is displayed, but also the size of the popup scheduling window! In addition, you can modify the text of the default button to any phrase in any language you wish. Finally, you have the ability to use your own button. Simply specify the button in the advanced options and our button will disappear and your button will open the popup.

Inline Embedded Calendar Page Support

Sometimes you do not want your visitors to have to undertake the tedious task of clicking a button. For those cases, simply choose the inline iFrame option and your Calendar Page will appear on your website anywhere you place the short code.

Once again, you can control the size of the embedded Calendar Page. You can also choose whether you wish to display the header of your page, including your image and greeting, or whether you wish to hide it.

Install the WordPress Plugin

In just a few short weeks since creating the WordPress plugin, we’ve seen hundreds of installed Calendar Pages across our customers’ websites. Try it out simply by adding the calendar scheduling plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory. Have feedback or features you’d like to see? Give us a shout at!