NEW: Outreach Templates for Your Automated Emails Before and After Meetings

A few months ago we release Pre-Meeting Reminders in order to enable our users to reduce no-shows and ensure that their guests came to the meeting prepared. Shortly thereafter, we launched Post-Meeting Actions to automate the follow up communication immediately after a meeting. The response was loud and clear: You loved the feature! Well, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, so we have added enhancements, including setting automated emails on your default scheduling settings!

Templated Emails

Not sure what to say in your automated Pre-Meeting Reminders or Post-Meeting Actions? We’ve got you covered, with quick-access templates that can be used as a starting point to compose your emails. Choose from Pre-Meeting Reminders such as agenda setting, simple reminders, or sharing documents. Post-Meeting Action templates include a simple thank you note, a follow up survey, and a link to the next meeting in a series.

Quickly Add Meeting Information Variables

We’ve always allowed you to fill in certain information about your meetings in these emails using variables such as your guest’s name, your name, and a link to the meeting. Once again, due to the enthusiastic response to the feature, we’ve added a quick-access autofill feature so you can simply plug in the variables you need at the point in the email where you need them.

The result is a fully-customized email that goes to your guest on a schedule of your choosing before or after the meeting.

PRO TIP: You can replace the logo in your emails with your own logo when you upgrade to our Team Plan!

Have an Idea for a Template or Variable?

We’re always looking for innovative new ways to make our scheduling platform more useful and powerful. If you have any thoughts, requests, or ideas to share, please do so, we’re listening @xdotai!