NEW: Integrate The Scheduling Experience With URL Parameters

If you are like many of our customers, the scheduling experience is your first opportunity to make an impression on your customers, clients, prospects, candidates, colleagues, and whomever else schedules meetings with you. Customizing that experience for each and every one of your guests can make a huge difference in that critical first touchpoint, in many cases doubling your success rate. Using our new ability to pre-fill fields along with some of our less well-known but nonetheless powerful URL features, you can customize the experience for your guests like never before!

Pre-fill Guest Information from the URL

Our newest feature is the result of many of our power users asking for the ability to create unique scheduling URLs for their customers. This is often implemented as an automated URL generated from one of their systems of record, such as an ATS, CRM or Support System. Many coaches, therapists, freelancers, and account management professionals have the same clients scheduling meetings with them repeatedly. By customizing the URL with special parameters, you can now pre-fill your guests’ name, email, and even Guest Questions! Simply add parameters to the URL to let your Calendar Page know who is scheduling the meeting and your guests can just click-click-book!

Notice the special parameters in this URL: xai_firstname, xai_lastname, xai_email, xai_additionalguests, and xai_custom_field_1. You can even pre-select a date by including a date in the URL in the format date=YYYY-MM-DD. (Be aware that a date too far into the future may not offer any availability if you have restricted the available date ranges). When using multiple-choice Guest Questions such as checkboxes and dropdowns, you can include the exact text for dropdowns and comma-separated values for checkboxes. For example: xai_custom_field_1=choce1,choice3,choice4. When using the Additional Guests parameter, format it as a list of up to ten email addresses separated by commas. You will need to have a calendar page that is set to allows guests to invite others. These parameters instruct your Calendar Page to pre-fill the guest information accordingly, like this:

By constructing a URL with these parameters, you can send links to your guests that will allow them to have an even more seamless scheduling experience, personalized to them. Say a customer ask for a meeting with an Account Manager and you already have all of their information in your CRM. You can inject that information directly into the page via the URL, or perhaps a project ID, which can go with the meeting notes. Want even more customization? Create a specific Meeting Template with a custom greeting welcoming your VIP guest by name and pre-filling their information! You can make it even more exclusive by adding a passcode to the Calendar Page that is shared only with them.

PRO TIP: Generate your links using our handy URL generator! Be sure to use incognito if you are testing your links to avoid filling in your own information!

Pre-fill Fields on the Meeting Creator

Sometimes you want to initiate a meeting quickly using the Meeting Creator to either generate a One-Time Link or have your Scheduling AI send times to your guests. If you meet with the same people with the same topics repeatedly it may get tedious re-entering their information each time. To solve for this, you can now create a link with your guests’ information pre-filled in the Meeting Creator, saving you valuable time. By adding a list of guests’ email addresses, a title, and an introduction, you can quickly access your most-frequently scheduled meetings.

Not sure how to create a link like the one above? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Generate a custom URL at our Link Generator and bookmark the results for faster scheduling!

Redirect Guests to Your Own URL

Sometimes you want your guests to take actions after scheduling a meeting or you want to customize their post-scheduling experience in a way that fits your brand. No problem! Now you can simply specify a particular URL where you’d like to send your guests upon scheduling the meeting and we’ll forward them there rather than to the Meeting Page.

Pass Information to Your Custom Redirect Page

In the screenshot above, you will notice the option called “Pass participant information to your redirected page.” This option does what it seems; it passes information about the meeting that was scheduled into the URL you specified as a series of parameters. This allows you to implement monitor scheduling activity on your own website. You’ll receive participant information, scheduled time, and more in the URL. Try it out a live demo to see the parameters that get passed. The button below will take you to a demo calendar page that will redirect to a page that displays all of the URL parameters that are passed by default.

Pass Custom Parameters to Your Redirect URL

In addition to basic information about the meeting that was scheduled, your Calendar Pages will intelligently forward any custom URL parameters you add to your Calendar Page URLs. This includes tracking information like UTM parameters that can be added to your Calendar Page URLs to take advantage of our Google Analytics integration, a unique customer ID that will be sent back to your website, or any other identifying parameters you can dream up. Below is a demonstration of a page that includes custom parameters for case_id and for customer_tier. Schedule a test meeting on this page and examine the output in the URL to see how your data gets preserved through the scheduling process!

Host Your Calendar Page on Your Own URL

Whether you are using our newly-updated WordPress Plugin for Calendar Pages or grabbing the embed code directly from your account, you can include your Calendar Pages on your own website by embedding them on the pages of your choice. This allows you to create an end-to-end experience for your guests in which they never leave your website! When you combine custom redirect URLs with embedded calendar pages, your guests may never even know that they are using! Try a live example of an embedded calendar page here:

PRO TIP: Send Confirmation Emails From Your Domain! Want to take full advantage of’s custom URLs ? With our Team Plan you can create an email address for your Scheduling AI on your own domain so that all confirmation emails come from your site, not!

Tying it all Together: Watch the Webinar!

With so many powerful ways to customize your guests’ scheduling experience using custom URL features, you may not know where to best get started. To help you out, we held a webinar to show you some of these workflows and answer your questions. Watch the recording here: