New: Control Follow Up Frequency for Meeting Scheduling

Sometimes you absolutely must get a meeting on the calendar and it is imperative that your guests respond. Other times it would be swell to have a leisurely meeting, but you certainly don’t want to be impolite by asking too often. Well, now you can have it either way with follow up controls and updates to Andrew and Amy’s default follow up logic.

Since we created Andrew and Amy from the ansible connections, Skynet, and/or just Amazon Web Services Sagemaker, we’ve had a huge amount of feedback on how often and how many times Amy and Andrew should reach out to an unresponsive guest. In some cases it would seem to be a bit overzealous, in other cases they would be too timid. Years of tweaking the logic got us no closer to a happy compromise, so we made some big changes recently to help you manage follow up emails on a case by case basis.

1. New Default Logic

In the past we had a series of rules and algorithms that would determine when to send reminder emails if a guest has not responded. In some situations this could result in a small flurry of emails, even in the same day. We’ve updated this to be more predictable for you and more polite for your guests. Amy and Andrew will send follow ups based on the end of the time window you requested for a meeting, making things much simpler:

  • If the time window is more than 30 days from the time you requested a meeting (i.e. “Next month”), we’ll send a follow up once every 4 days.
  • If the end of the time window is less than 30 days out (i.e. “Next week”) we’ll send a follow up every 2 days.
  • We won’t send follow ups on weekends or during the overnight hours in your guest’s time zone if we know it.

2. New Custom Controls

Don’t like the default logic? Want to overflow your guest’s inbox? You can change the default settings for the follow up logic in your Ad hoc meeting settings as well as for each Meeting Type individually. You’ll see a new section called “Follow Ups” in your preferences. Simply toggle the maximum follow ups and the time delay between them like so:

3. View and Skip Upcoming Follow Ups

We’ve always shown you the conversations we have with you and with your guests on the edit page for each meeting. Now we’ll also show you scheduled outreach. Your meeting page will show you when we are scheduled to follow up next:

Notice that big red button? It does exactly what it says… it allows you to skip the next follow up that is scheduled for this guest in this meeting.

Of course we’ll double-check that you want to cancel this follow up and let you know if there are additional emails scheduled or if you are cancelling the last one.

So the next step is up to you… just go directly to your Ad hoc meeting preferences and set your follow up controls at the bottom of the page. You can also set your preferences for each Meeting Type if you tend to use slash command shortcuts to schedule meetings.

Don’t have an account yet? Inexcusable! It’s free and will schedule all of your meetings for you… how politely or aggressively is now entirely up to you!