New: Automate Follow Through With Post-Meeting Actions

Behind every great meeting is a great follow up – whether you are sending a customer support satisfaction survey, a Calendar Page link for a follow up session, the Product Demo deck you just presented, or just a simple thank you. However, time is valuable and time spent following up, especially if it is part of a repeatable process, is often time that could be more productively spent on other tasks. Enter Post-Meeting Actions!

Create scheduled follow up actions

Similar to’s customizable Meeting Reminders that can help set the stage and prepare your guests ahead of the meeting (or just nudge them to show up), Post-Meeting Actions send emails after the meeting’s scheduled end time with personalized messaging on a custom schedule.

Setting up Post-Meeting Actions

Each of your Meeting Templates has a new section immediately after “Pre-Meeting Reminders” called, aptly, “Post-Meeting Actions.” Using the same familiar interface, you can now add as many custom follow ups as you like.

Once you click the “Add Action” button, you will be presented with a familiar interface, the same one used for Pre-Meeting Reminders. You can compose your custom message and include a wide array of variables in [brackets], such as the host’s first name, your guest’s name, the meeting title, and the meeting date and time.

What your guest will see

In the example above, the meeting host has set the Post-Meeting Action to trigger an email 2 minutes after the meeting has finished. She has included variables for [guest_first_name] and [host_first_name]. The result is a personalized email that will automatically send the guest a survey where they can provide feedback:

PRO TIP: You can customize the logo in the Post-Meeting Action emails when you upgrade to the Team Plan.

Another example is the ability for a host, “Jen,” to send out a Calendar Page in a Post-Meeting Action where her guest can book the next session in a series of meetings. She can optionally include a Passcode for further privacy.

This is a great way to sell a bundle of sessions or meetings to your guests. They can book the first meeting for a flat fee and then in the Post-Meeting Actions they will receive a link that they can use to schedule the next session and so on. You can send any personalized boilerplate message you wish!

And don’t worry, if your guest cancels or reschedules the meeting, your Post-Meeting actions will be updated accordingly.