New: Add Your Own Google Analytics To Your Calendar Pages

Understanding how people interact with your web properties is a big part of running a business online. At, we consider our Calendar Pages to be your web properties… After all, we do not even put our brand on your pages! With that in mind, we’re excited to announce the addition of Google Analytics to your Calendar Pages!

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the de facto standard for tracking website activity. A simple snippet of code added to a website can uncover a vast amount of insight about the visitors who come to your website. Ask nearly anyone who runs a website and they will almost certainly have deep knowledge of “GA” as it’s affectionately known.

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Track Activity for Yourself

With’s new Google Analytics integration, you can place your Google Analytics code on your own Calendar Pages and view activity on your Calendar Pages in your own reports. Getting started is simple, just add your Tracking ID (also known as a UA code). You’ll find it under the Google Analytics admin menu under “Property Settings:”

Once you have your tracking ID, simply paste it into your account in the Google Analytics Integration section under Account Settings.

Now you can send visitors to your Calendar Pages and include UTM parameters and any other information in the URL that you would like to make visible in your reports. In addition, when a meeting is scheduled on your Calendar Page, we’ll send an event to your Google Analytics property that includes the Meeting ID.

The Meeting ID is in the Event Label

Pro Tip: You can also capture additional information about the meeting that was scheduled by setting a page on your site to redirect guests to after they’ve scheduled a meeting. Want even more data? Check out our updated Zapier integration.

Add Analytics for Your Team

In addition to adding Google Analytics to your personal Calendar Pages, you can also add your tracking code to calendar pages across your team. Just visit the Google Analytics section under your Team Preferences and add another tracking ID there. Don’t worry, if you use the same one as an individual page we’ll still only add your code once. However, if you add a different one, we’ll send pageviews and events to both of your Google Analytics properties!

Get Started Today

If you are not already on one of our premium plans (and there’s no reason not to be!) then get yourself upgraded. Then head on over to Google Analytics and grab your tracking ID. Once added to your account, you’ll have the data flowing in immediately!