Convert Website Leads to Meetings with Round Robin Calendar Pages

Managing your inbound lead flow should not be random, and for many, especially in B2B, it is an optimization challenge where you want to maximize the amount of meetings with leads on your calendar.

Suppose you have a sales team of nine Account Executives. Each of them can give a demo to a potential client every half hour. While filling their day up with demos may sound like an ideal scenario, it comes at the expense of thoughtful follow up. Spreading inbound leads fairly while not overloading any given rep can be accomplished using a few of’s tools: Embedded Calendar Pages, Round Robin Scheduling, and our new Max Meetings per day.

And I would be remiss to not mention the fact that this idea of using multiple features to design a process is exactly what we suggest our teams do. Feel free to schedule a solutions call to talk through some of your processes.

Embedded Calendar Pages

Visitors to your site need an efficient, native, and painless experience to contact you. While email forms and other methods are effective, getting on their calendars immediately is critical. When you embed your Calendar Pages on your website you accomplish all of these goals, providing an easy scheduling experience without leaving your website. This action alone increases the site visit to meeting booked ratio.

Round Robin Scheduling

Fair is fair. You want all of your sales reps to share the wealth of leads that are pouring in from your website via your embedded Calendar Pages. Round Robin Calendar Pages accomplish this task by assigning inbound meeting requests equally to your team members based on who is available at the time the guest chooses to meet. Using this feature you can rest assured that over the long run each sales rep will receive the same percentage of leads as their colleagues.

Maximum Meetings Per Day

Max Meeting per day sounds like the opposite of want you want. Hear me out though… You would probably agree that an Account Executive can’t only do demos and can’t only do follow-up calls – and you might be better off designing the process versus leaving it to chance. This is where Max Meetings per day per meeting template comes in. You may want to limit the number of demos an Account Executive can receive per day to 4, so she’s got enough time to do proper follow-up for maximum conversion in the next step in your funnel. This is not about doing less meetings, this is about doing the right mix of meetings.

Pro Tip: Use our Zapier integration to track every meeting that gets booked on your team’s Calendar Pages and update your CRM in real time!

Make Your Own

This is just one example of how you can combine the dozens of powerful features of to suit your needs. Whether you have an inside sales team, a field service team, a team of real estate agents, or any other scheduling need, can accommodate you.

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