Live AI Assistant Demo @ NY Enterprise Technology Meetup

NYETM packed a full house last night and delivered on their promises in showcasing noteworthy early stage technology companies and educating companies on how to work with enterprises yet again. Special thank you to our host and organizer extraordinaire, Jonathan Lehr (@fendien). Capping the night with the dynamic keynote speaker, Jason M. Lemkin, schooling us on the most important element of growth, hiring the right VP of Sales.

Dennis R. Mortensen eagerly waiting in anticipation to hear back from Amy.

We were third to go after Aorato and Hightower. The nerve-racking attempt to do a live Demo with a randomly picked participant and Amy started off with one slide shown across the screens and one line, “Pear and I did not prepare anything.” Our goal was to demonstrate the pain of scheduling a meeting and how we’re able to eliminate that for our customers with a side by side display of the email conversations and we thought a LIVE DEMO was the way to go. As to which direction?! It was yet to be determined. The gracious participant, Marc Prewitt, was asked to email Dennis for a meeting in his own words and challenge Amy a little by not accept the first option she presented. Dennis would email back with an agreement to meet up copying in Amy, and letting her take over. The demo was a complete success with some laughs and Q&A in between. There was never an awkward thumb twiddling silence that we feared. We think Dennis should always “never prepare”.

Live Demo featuring Dennis R. Mortensen, Amy Ingram, and Marc Prewitt
Meanwhile, please enjoy some social media love from a few attendees: Mind seriously blown by virtual meeting scheduler. CEO Dennis might win best tech demo of the year. #ballsey@NYETM – by Brandon Weber

The fearless @DennisMortensen introducing us to the very polite Amy at #nyetm – by Jessica Lin