Launching – a personal assistant who schedules meetings for you

Alex, Matt, Marcos, Amy Ingram and I are launching an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant that schedules meetings for you.
We are backing this venture ourselves and running it out of New York City (where else?). The solution is not open to the public, and we are far from finished, but are are doing euphoric high fives around the office whenever we see somebody add themselves to our waitlist.
So do! 🙂
We are hiring the smartest people we can find – and you should actively consider quitting that deadbeat job over at Google 😉

  • Data Scientists
  • Data Engineers
  • Backend Engineers
  • Frontend Engineers
  • Ai Trainers

email us at if you want to be part of the X-Men,  or shoot me an email at dennis @ x dot ai if you want to exchange your engineering or data science CV (aka showcase your github account)  for a free Diet Coke at our Downtown Manhattan office.
– and back to the lab
@dennismortensen 🙂
ceo and founder of
xai pain solution