Launching VIP contacts & personalized signatures, more new good stuff from

As we shared earlier in the summer, we’re slowly rolling out our Professional edition to a small set of folks so that we can continue to learn what our customers need, love and will pay for.
This edition includes two features that go live today:

  • The ability to personalize Amy’s signature
  • VIP contacts list

The first is pretty straightforward. You can now add a sentence or phrase that best represents you to Amy’s signature. Make it as understated or as bling as you’d like. Go wild—except please don’t use profanities. Those aren’t allowed, and, geeks that we are, we had a lot of fun building the profanity filter 😉
Here are some we love:
Our original: Amy Ingram | Personal Assistant to Dennis Mortensen
Amy Ingram | Pear’s AI Scheduling Ninja
Andrew Ingram | AI Time Lord to Tom Baker
Amy Ingram | world’s greatest AI personal assistant to Max Zuckerberg
Amy Ingram | AI PA to Dr Gail Barnes
VIP contacts are colleagues or contacts who you select to get special treatment: they don’t need to ask you first to schedule a meeting with you. Typically, if someone wants to meet up with you, they have to send you an email “Hey, Dennis, I would love to come by the office and chat in September, when I’m in New York.” And you, as the customer, must agree to it: “Sure David. Happy to meet up in September.” At this point—and only at this point—can Amy get to work: “I’m cc’ing Amy who can find some time for us then.”
We call this a “verified” meeting, and we insist that you assent to any meeting Amy and Andrew schedule ahead of time to protect your calendar. If we didn’t, every salesperson who ever wanted to your attention, every old college buddy who happens to be in town, and every former colleague looking for your help with their next venture could get on your calendar, and it could quickly be jammed up with meetings that you didn’t want to have.
However, we also understand that there are some people whom you meet with so often or who are so important to your business that they shouldn’t need to your permission to set up a meeting with you. Hence the VIP contacts list. These folks can now reach out directly to Amy, cc you, and she’ll get to work right away. Consider these people pre-approved for meetings with you and mete this privilege out mindfully!
If you’re currently a Professional customer, you can set up both of these new features on  And of course you should tune your other preferences while you’re there.
(If you’re not already signed up for the Professional edition and just can’t wait, let us know [mail to:].