Be prepared: Know who you’re meeting with ahead of time

Matt and Melissa. Jennifer and John. Christopher and Sarah. Jessica and Mike.

You probably know at least one person with each of these names. Heck, you probably have 5 different people named Matt in your contacts right now!

When you’re running from meeting to meeting, you don’t always have time to confirm people’s roles ahead of time. You know you’re chatting with Lisa and Jessica from Oracle, but which one is the product expert? We’ve got you covered.

Now, when you schedule a meeting with, we’ll automatically include the Full Name, Title, Company, and LinkedIn profile for all of the meeting participants (as long as that data is publicly available).

meeting summary with details on each participant

These details will automatically be included on the calendar invite, as well as on

You can update your own name, title, company, and LinkedIn URL in your Account Settings. You can leave any of these fields empty if you do not want to share this information with your meeting participants.

update your name, title, company and linkedin information
You can add, change, or delete any of these fields.

We’ll automatically pull in your guests’ details if we have them. Your guests have the option to update their info as well when they view the meeting details on

your guests can update their information, too
This is what Lisa sees when she views the meeting on She can click the “Update my info” link to change her personal details or remove them.

We’re all about making your meetings more efficient. Let us know what you think!

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