How to: Tell your AI assistant about commute time

Busy schedule? Do you have to take three trains to get to your 10AM demo downtown? Meeting up for coffee in the Mission at 11AM, and you can just make it if you hop on your bike RIGHT NOW? Know that you’ll need an hour to get from your office to that 6PM dinner event on the other side of town?
Don’t sweat it! Amy and Andrew have you covered.
By default, Amy and Andrew add 20 minutes of travel time to in-person meetings that take place outside of your office. But if you need some extra commute time to get to a meeting, you can let Amy or Andrew know by telling them something like this:
“Amy, I’ll be in Palo Alto for this meeting, please plan an hour for me to drive there for the conference.”
Once you let them know how much commute time you’ll need (an hour in the example above), they’ll add that amount of time on either side of your meeting, so you have enough time to get there and back.
Amy and Andrew always keep your scheduling needs and preferences in mind. But be a good boss—be sure to tell them how much time you need to get where you’re going. They’ll take care of the rest.
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