How to Schedule Meetings over Apple Messages

When you’re in the middle of a Messages thread on your iPhone and your colleague suggests meeting up, you can use to Copy & Paste Times directly into the app. Keep the conversation going and make it convenient to find a time that works for everyone.

copy and paste times in any Message conversation to quickly find a time that works for everyone

How to Copy & Paste Times into Messages

You can generate times from any Meeting Template, which let you pre-set preferences for a particular type of meeting, like a 30-minute phone call, a 45 minute Zoom meeting, or even Date Night!

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Simply select up to 3 days when you want the meeting to happen.

select up to three days when you'd like to meet

Select Copy text only and’s powerful scheduling technology will generate up to three times per day that match with the meeting template’s preferences and your overall availability. Not happy with these options? Re-select the dates and copy-paste again, and you’ll see different time slots. Easy! will Send the Calendar Invite

Back on Messages, you can add any intro text, then paste the times and shortened links.

once everyone has select a time, will send out the calendar invite to everyone

Once they select a time from the list you share, will book the meeting and send out the invite to everyone.

How to Access Copy & Paste Times

You can Copy & Paste Times into an email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Messenger or any other messaging platform to make it fast and easy for your guests to confirm the meeting.

The fastest way to access your Meeting Templates to Copy & Paste Times is with the free Chrome extension.

Quick copy and paste times from the Chrome extension.

Simply tap on the clock icon next to the Meeting Template to choose your days.

Copy and paste times from the Schedule Meeting button anywhere on

Additionally, we’ve added a shortcut to Copy & Paste Times that you can access by clicking on the Schedule Meeting button anywhere on (this is also available in the Chrome extension!).

You can always copy and paste times from

As always, you can Copy & Paste Times from the list of your most-used Meeting Templates or view the full list.

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