Introducing a completely new way to schedule a group meeting

Getting three or more people together for a group meeting is a seriously painful task. We’ve tried for years to figure out the best way to do this and to be honest, we hadn’t nailed it… until now.

We’ve launched a NEW, completely retooled design and we’re seeing more group meetings being scheduled successfully. We actually hit an all-time high on Monday!

How It Works

You can initiate a group meeting over email by CCing or, just as you would any one-off meeting. We send an email to each guest, offering some times that work with your availability and preferences. We’ve found it’s crucial to get that first person to respond and add their availability — all of it.

By taking into consideration timeslots that work for you and that first guest, we can immediately offer better choices to the remaining people. This increases the chances that everyone else will be able to quickly agree on a time.

Once everyone has added their availability, we’ll automatically choose one of the overlapping times and book the meeting. If there are no overlapping options, we’ll immediately let you know and provide options to get the meeting back on track.

Book Group Meetings from Your Calendar Page

You can also schedule group meetings via your Calendar Page. When you set up the Meeting Template, you can turn on the option to allow your guest to add an additional 10 people to the meeting. When your guest books a day/time and adds in the additional guests, a calendar invitation will be sent out to everyone.

Need Help?

Our Help Center has step-by-step instructions on how to schedule group meetings.