How to: Have your AI Assistant cancel or reschedule a meeting

Sh*t happens, plans change, that’s just life. Fortunately, we designed Amy and Andrew to be quite adaptable, like any good human assistant. 
If you decide you don’t need that Thursday budget conference call or if you get stuck in traffic and need to move your morning standing meeting, Amy and Andrew can easily adjust your schedule.
To cancel a meeting, email Amy or Andrew at any time to tell them. Be sure to email them in the original meeting email chain so they know exactly which meeting you’re talking about:

  • “Andrew, please cancel this meeting. It’s no longer needed.”
  • “Amy, I talked to Jane already so we can cancel this call”
  • “Andrew, please cancel Tuesday’s meeting with Dolores.”

They’ll reach out to politely let your guest know the meeting is canceled.

You can also cancel a meeting that Amy and Andrew are working on but haven’t finalized.

  • “Amy, please cancel the meeting you were trying to set up with Bernard.”

Same process applies to rescheduling a meeting
; email Amy and Andrew in the original email chain before the meeting starts, and they’ll reach out to your guest to find a new time. If you have preferences around the new meeting time, be sure to let them know when you ask them to reschedule.

  • “Amy, I can’t take this meeting tomorrow. Please reschedule for next week, preferably Thursday.”
  • “Andrew, I need to reschedule my call with Maeve for another morning in January.”
  • “Amy, please reschedule my meeting with J.J. for later this week.”

We know plans can be fluid. We’ve taught Amy and Andrew how to go with the flow.

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