How to: Have your AI assistant add notes to a meeting

It happens, we all forget things. You’re the last one out of the office, and you can’t remember if you locked the door behind you. Or you have a colleague visiting, and you need to remind them to use the entrance on Broadway rather than John Street. Maybe you left off the meeting agenda, and you want to make sure everyone is prepared for that conference call?

We’re only human after all.

We’ve designed your AI assistant to accommodate human foibles. Amy and Andrew can help remind you and your guests about the smaller details of a meeting, ones you may have left out when you set it up.

All you have to do is email Amy or Andrew in the original email chain and tell them what you’d like to add to the notes in your meeting invite, and they’ll save those for you. Use words like notes, instructions, description, task, and info when you cue Amy and Andrew in, like this:

Amy, please add these notes to the invite, “Be sure to bring a photo ID to check in at the desk.”


Andrew, please add these instructions to the invite: “Check-in for the round table is in the lobby. I’ll come get you there.”

Make sure to put the details you’d like added in quotation marks, so they pick up all of the information you want to add to the invite notes. That way there’s no confusion as to what you’re requesting, and you’ll keep your guests informed!

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