How to Get Immediate Closed Beta Access to Amy

October has proven to be such a delightful month filled with surprises for Our first surprise came delivered at our door and his name is Noah Goldman.
Fellow Spartans often come knocking for a diet coke and a chat about the science behind building an Artificial Intelligence machine and the Natural Language challenges that comes along with that. Noah, however, was so determined to get in to our Closed Beta program that he came to say “hi”. He was flying out on business trips and wanted a personal assistant like Amy @ to help to schedule meetings.
Here at, we put our hearts into every sentence, every word and every letter (that’s our UI and UX, being a company that exist only on email) – as we humanize Amy a lot of our own personal touches goes into the product, so when a stranger is kind enough pay us a visit to provide feedback and get access we’re touched! Needless to say, Noah got immediate access. HQ
Left to Right; Alex Poon ( COO/Founder), Noah Goldman (Executive Consultant), Marcos JIMENEZ (chief data scientist/co-founder)