NEW: Schedule Meetings in Any Language Over Email and Slack now lets you write in any language to schedule meetings over email or in Slack.

Add Scheduler, Amy, or Andrew to any email, even mid-thread, then write the meeting request details in any language. The Scheduling AI will instantly process the request and assemble available times to be sent to the guests, expanding the functionality that was previously only available in English.

schedule a meeting in japanese from your email or Slack

How It Works is the first and only tool to support scheduling meetings over email in any language — and it’s free to use!

When you CC the Scheduling AI into an email with any number of guests, our sophisticated natural language processing technology automatically detects the relevant meeting information from your request and instantly assembles time options that work for you to share with your guests.

There are NO syntax requirements for how you write this, no special codes to learn. The meeting request can be naturally included into any part of the email.

This example shows some of the many pieces of information that can be detected, extracted, and deciphered from the email text.

Pro Tip: will always send a confirmation email back just to you to make sure all of the details are correct. If you don’t need any updates, you can respond “yes” — in any language.

Unrivaled Innovation makes it fast and easy to book a meeting, whether you’re scheduling over email, Slack, sending a poll to a group, copying times into a message, or sharing a Calendar Page.

Schedule a meeting over Slack in any language

Underneath all of this is a powerful scheduling engine, the result of’s four-year-long investment to assemble what might be the largest meeting scheduling dataset in the world.

As’s Chief Data Scientist & Founder Marcos Jimenez Belenguer writes, we were able to leverage our existing natural language processing structure to expand beyond English to unlimited languages.

More Ways to Localize Your Scheduling Tool

Today’s update is a significant step on our journey toward full localization and joins a host of already popular features. supports Unicode and other internationalization standards, making it easy for people to personalize their scheduling tool, including:

Create unlimited Meeting Reminders in any language

Customize your meeting reminders in any language.

In addition, offers 12- and 24-hour time formatting and lets users collect payments in 136 currencies.

Premium users can also add the Scheduling AI to their domain (e.g., further localizing the experience.

We hope you’ll read the full announcement, give it a try, and let us know what you think! We’d love your support over on Product Hunt, too.

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