NEW: Customize the Schedule Button on Your Calendar Pages

We often talk about scheduling in terms of meetings, but our customers use to schedule all kinds of things — appointments, bookings, demos, interviews, showings, sessions, and so much more.

For some customers, even the word “schedule” isn’t quite right — their guests are booking, registering, reserving, signing up, and confirming.

You can now customize the text of the “Schedule Meeting” button on any of your personal and Team Calendar Pages to be anything you want.

personalize the schedule meeting button on your calendar pages

How to Change Your Calendar Page Schedule Button

Whether you’re creating a new Calendar Page or editing an existing one, you can scroll down to the “Personalization” section on the meeting template and add up to 40 characters of custom text.

customize the button text your guests see when scheduling through your Calendar Page

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Use Any Language on the Schedule Button

There are many places throughout where you can localize the experience for your guests, including writing in any language to schedule meetings over email or in Slack.

Now, in addition to changing the message on the “Schedule Meeting” button, you can write it in any language — Agendar reunion, Bestil tid, 確認時間.

localize your calendar page in any language