Customer Development

I am generally a fan of Steven Blank and the customer development movement, but would like to add a word of caution before you go execute blindly on any and all input provided by customers.
I think it is fair to accept that data and suggested conclusions collected through Surveys, Questionnaires and Interviews etc. are not necessarily valid just because a customer said so. If customer interview data is not married to behavioral data collected from actual product usage you might find that you are developing against a customer fantasy versus a true customer problem and need. In other words, instrument the hell out of your solution and look for a disconnect between fantasy (interview) and reality (usage), which is almost always there – and therein lies the opportunity!
*In an enterprise application, tracking anything less than Company, Unit, User and her individual Feature usage would be suboptimal as I see it. Find an example (data is not real) of how this could look inside a general purpose analytics platform like Google Analytics.