Create Personalized Scheduling Links in

Sending a Calendar Page link via email is a great way to cut out extra clicks and get a meeting on the calendar with your customers quickly. However, with’s powerful URL Parameters, you can cut out a whole lot of typing for your customers, too. is a powerful and flexible email automation system that enables their happy customers (like!) to create thoughtful sequences of emails for their users. The personalization options within can be integrated perfectly with to boost your meetings scheduled. uses a series of variables to insert customer information such as name, email, status, and any other custom field into an email. By using these variables to populate’s Calendar Page parameters, you can pre-fill your guests’ information for them!

Pro Tip: For even more powerful features, try our Zapier integration with and and send events or add people to when a meeting is scheduled!

Populating Personalized Parameters

For this recipe, you will need a account and an account. First, create an email in, perhaps in a campaign offering a sales demo.

In this example, I have added a button that says “Schedule your demo!” and linked it to my calendar page. However, I can personalize the link that I send my customer to by adding parameters to the URL. Just click into the button and update the URL field:

In this example, I am going to insert a Calendar Page URL (replace “Your_URL” and “Your_Page” in the below link with your own Calendar Page) and add information to it using’s variables:{{customer.first_name}}&xai_lastname={{customer.last_name}}&xai_email={{}}&{{}}

Note the portions enclosed in double brackets. These are’s customer attributes that will be populated with the user’s information. You can take this URL and modify the custom parameters to suit your needs.

Pro Tip: Use our handy Calendar Page Link Generator to build a custom URL based on your own Calendar Pages.

Now when you preview your email you will see the link has been updated with the user’s information!

Pro Tip: Use a Round Robin Calendar Page to let your customers schedule a meeting with any available team member to maximize your success rate!

Now, when your email goes out and your customer clicks on the scheduling button, after they have chosen a time they will see that their information is already there and all they have to do is click Schedule Meeting!

Pro Tip: Combine’s Google Analytics integration and’s Google Analytics integrations to automatically add Google tracking to your links and see the resulting activity on your Calendar Pages!

You’ve just saved your customers dozens of keystrokes and their wrists will thank you! Stay tuned for more clever tips for marketers and sales professionals!